Sunday, December 4, 2011

My 500th post!!!!!!

Hard to believe!

It all started here one fall day in October 2007...

I began blogging!

The idea was to chronicle my quilting journey as it fit into my every day life.

I named my blog with the name I had given myself on my yahoo account.
You must all know the story by now...
too many Lisa's,
settling in upstate NY
and voila!
Hey, I became so famous that I had my own bus!

on our trip to Lancaster PA
(yeah right!)

The first quilt I ever blogged about was my Elvis quilt

Hexagons in Hawaii

And when I wasn't blogging about big quilts
I was blogging about smaller stuff to swap with new friends on flickr.
 I blogged about my first doll quilt swap that I entered...

The front of doll quilt for swap III
(and boy did those swaps become addicting!)

I introduced you to my family...

Family Time

(and how they have grown since this photo was taken!)

Nature Boy
and some of his quilts...

irish chain

A teenager with lots of stuff
and her quilts...

My first bed size quilt
(the first bed quilt that I ever made!)

and last but not least,
Sugarbaby (the former "Sloppy")
and her quilts...

princess quilt

And my,
how I have grown too!!!
Well not taller 
and I have been working on not getting wider too!!

But I have evolved...

I have gone from simple...

Yellow Brick Road made for my uncle

and scrappy...

my scrap quilt

to wonky...


and free pieced...

The quilt is done!

tried some solids...

My quilt is done!

 and more recently,
 worked on more free form...

'Sunrise on the Mountain'

challenge #2, celebrate

And now,
there are all the other areas of media 
that I have added to my repertoire


my coffee mug

art journaling...

30 Days of NaNoJouMo! And I didn't miss one day!!!


printing with a handmade stamp

hand dyeing...
drying on the lawn

and even some homeschooling on the side!

Math on Monday

I might even be found striking a pose on my blog...

hoping to find myself on the front of a Wheaties box ...

At home with my sewing utensils!

appearing incognito as the infamous garbage bag fairy...

the Garbage Bag Queen

and often,
on the floor of my sewing room...

Me on the floor

And even though I am constantly getting older

my trophies!

and older 

Me at 48!

and older...

Me on the floor

I have managed to get faster!

Reindeer Run, 12/3/11, Queensbury NY
Yesterday, I shaved 1 minute and 28 seconds off
my time from my last 5k run
(and this race started at the bottom of a hill, no less!)

But what makes blogging so much fun is that
blogging has opened up a whole new world of friends!
I appreciate you all!

I am grateful for the inspiration and friendship
you have brought to my life!

From my clean (ha,ha!) studio...
A relatively clean sewing room
to yours....

Thank you for popping by!