Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The start of a new day...

I am trying out the world of blogging. I have been a blogaholic (add that to the Merriam-Webster dictionary!) for some time. I am especially fond of crafting and quilting blogs and can find myself reading them for hours.

Recently, I found myself in a 'funk' of sort. Stuck in a rut. So my hubby recommended that I sit and listen to Steve Chandler's 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself. So I have been listening and relistening to the first 50, jotting down things he says that resonate with me. He starts off with a quote from Nathaniel Branden, "A goal without an action plan is a daydream." I have been daydreaming, so now is the time to create an action plan!!! I would like to be a creator of textile art. I don't know exactly what it will be, but I am going to create something unique. I am a quilter by passion, but also enjoy knitting, crocheting, sewing, and have been known to dabble in scrapbooking, stamping and other crafting.

Right now, though, I have some immediate projects that need my attention:

1. My husband has redone his office at work and the walls are blank. I am going to create a wallhanging using one of his favorite quotes. I have some ideas in my head right now that I need to translate to paper. Stay tuned!

2. My small quilting friendship group is making a quilt for the church where we meet to raffle off at their upcoming holiday bazaar. My job is to make and put on the binding. Gotta get a move on it!

3. For the past 2 years (minus a month and a half), I have been involved in volunteering for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (my youngest child was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on Thanksgiving Day 2005.) So last year, I made a quilt to be auctioned off in the silent auction at their annual Gala in late January. When they saw the finished quilt, they decided to put it in the live auction and it managed to raise $3600!!!! I am hoping I can figure out how to include an image of the quilt in today's blog. I am sure that this year won't be a repeat of last, but I did say that I would donate another quilt. Gotta get a plan going on that one too! Their theme this year is Hollywood (Lights! Camera! Cure!).

Phew! I have blogged!