Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday, Floody Sunday...

The Night Day the Lights Went Out in Georgia Upstate NY

Bet you didn't know that U2 and Bobby Russell wrote songs just for me!!!!

Hurricane Irene meets upstatelisa
(my version is from here)

So Sunday went like this...
7:00 AM... woke up (yes, I slept in!) to driving rain and wind
Hurricane Irene had arrived here...
Hurricane Irene came to upstate NY

enjoyed a cup of coffee, checked my email

7:30 AM... read the newspaper
8:00 AM... worked on the crossword puzzle
answered inquiries regarding our vacant apt advertised in the local paper

8:45... took a shower
while shampooing my hair, it suddenly became dark 
(as in the power went out!)  
10:15 AM... go out to show vacant apartment to prospective tenants

12:00 PM... took a nap!

2:45 PM... woke up in the dark (still!)

3:00 PM... read

what I did when Hurricane Irene came to upstate NY

3:30 PM...wished that the power hadn't gone off before
I had my second cup of coffee (yaaaawwwn)

what I did when Hurricane Irene came to upstate NY

4:30 PM...iPhone told me it has a low battery

what I did when Hurricane Irene came to upstate NY

4:40 PM...electrical noise heard twice 
(sounds oddly like a transformer turning off, or perhaps on?)

what I did when Hurricane Irene came to upstate NY

iPhone battery is dangerously low!
getting windier

4:47 PM... another, similar electrical noise

6:00 PM...  kids cooked dinner on the one burner camp stove

6:15 PM...our neighbor started his generator
there are breaks in the clouds, no rain but still windy

7:30 by candlelight

how I spent my day with Irene (that is Hurricane Irene)

7:43 PM... I tell Sugarbaby that it would be nice if the power would 
come back on before we head to bed,
Sugarbaby dreamily says, "yeah"
and miraculously the power turned on!!!

I washed the day's dishes,
we straightened up,
had a snack,
Nature Boy prepared a pizza and turned on the oven

the lights began to flicker.....
8:48 PM... the power went back out!!!
Double ARGH!!!!

Just Another Day in Paradise...
Me on the floor
Hope your Sunday was uneventful too!