Friday, April 27, 2012


My mother's brother, my uncle Ken,  is a one-of-a-kind guy...


the uncle who had us duck in the seats of his convertible
when we rode under an overpass with the top down, so we wouldn't hit our heads....

Kenny visits

the uncle who always called at the crack of dawn on your birthday....

the uncle who flicked your nose when you looked down to look for a spot on your shirt
(and we fell for it EVERY time!)...

the uncle who came to visit you on visitors day at overnight camp..

Visitors Day at Mark's Camp, Ken and me

the uncle who never missed a family celebration...

the kids with Ken and Myrna

the uncle who picked you up at the bus depot in the big city
 so we could visit with him and his beautiful wife...

the uncle who picked you up from college and brought you to his home
 to hang out all weekend and watch NBA basketball...

the uncle who came to your college graduation...


and to your graduate school graduation..


The uncle who loved your kids as much as he loved you

Ben, Jack and Ken at family reunion

The uncle who cherished the quilt made for him
just because he was who he was...
kenny's quilt
He passed on yesterday.
It breaks my heart that he is gone 
I feel so blessed to have had 50 years of his love and his life to share.

It is bittersweet.
I won't hear his voice calling me today at 7:30 AM to wish me happy birthday ...
Yes, I am a half century old today...
hard to believe!
 (and I can still remember his calling me "Decada" when I reached 10 years!)

But I am celebrating today.
Celebrating that I am 50 years old.
and celebrating the life of a man who I am so happy to call my uncle.

This one's for you, Ken!
for Ken!