Monday, April 23, 2012


 These past few days, I feel like I am a part of the WWE!
I can be mean!!!!

it ain't pretty!!!

I have been wrestling with a quilt on my machine...

wrestling with a tshirt quilt

 it has been a while since I have machine quilted anything big
and it took a while to get everything under control! 

And to get my machine quilting mojo going, I had to make some space on my table,
so I  had to wrestle my art supplies...

 I got them in a head lock (special note: I was wearing ALL of my clothes for the event!)
and wrestled them to the ground...

wrestling with my art supplies!
but in the end, I think they will win.... 
cuz some time soon, I will have to clean up the whole darn mess! 

and then, when I am not tangling in the studio,
I am wrestling with airhorns, discharge tubes and the like...

trying to understand carburetors!
Nature Boy is studying automotive systems right now 
and I am right there with him, 
only it seems that I may be a dead weight,
as he may have a better grip on the material.

Next fight.....

a sinkful of dishes untouched!

in the kitchen!!!

domestic reminders to my family!
....big sigh!

Goblin Gallop, 10/29/11 
Gotta run!