Friday, June 5, 2009

Is is Friday all ready??? or how I got my ego stroked!

Wow! The end of the week all ready?! How did that happen so quickly???

Friday came early this morning, but it sure was beautiful!!!

I am slowly regaining my strength after last week's bad cold and I did manage to get to the gym at 5 AM for a 3.5 mile run...

glorious sunrise, 5 AM on the way to the gym, 6/5

Most of yesterday, as I mentioned in my last post, was spent helping our quilt guild by scribing for the judge, helping with unfolding and refolding the quilts, and any other task that was necessary.

Today, after a baby shower for Sugarbaby's teacher in their classroom, I rushed to the site of our guild's quilt show (with Nature Boy) to help set up the show (put together frames, hang quilts, pin ribbons, put up tables, etc.)

I sent Nature Boy around at the end of the day to snap a few photos (I will take more tomorrow... there are so many beautiful quilts! when I go to the show and help 'white glove' and maybe peruse the vendors booths.)

This is how to stroke my ego .....
First Place in a wallhanging category

First place ribbon in a wallhanging category (and machine quilted on home machine)!!!

This quilt, which was made for Mr. U using a phrase from an Ayn Rand novel was just entered to show....

Quilt for show, not judged

and my "Case Study" won a third place ribbon in another wallhanging category and also won a second prize in our guild's Polly Briwa Log Cabin Challenge in the wallhanging category!

Third Place in category, Second place for Polly Briwa Log Cabin Challenge, wallhanging category (prize money too!)

Yeah, I am feeling pretty good! A lot of hard work, a lot of messy sewing room floors,construction zone so many stabbed fingers...close encounters

Thanks to all of YOU for your all of your support, unending encouragement and infinite inspiration!!!!!

Will I see you at the show?!

If not....

Have a great weekend!!!