Friday, May 29, 2015

Getting antsy... or just bug eyed!

The last week or so of homeschooling (EVER!) is upon us
and I can hardly wait!!!

One course left to finish up!!!

We are both very anxious to be done-
and I am positively ...


adjective ant·sy \ˈant-sē\
: impatient and unable to keep still
: nervous about what might happen

 (from Merriam-Webster)

In the meantime, I am also having lots of fun with my easy macro lens.

It's a bit of a challenge to get so in-your-face close up...

and have the insect stay still long enough...

to click the shutter on my phone...

but sometimes, 

I get pretty close!

 Looking forward to all my free time for sewing/quilting/arting
in the very near future!!!!

Stay tuned....

Saturday, May 23, 2015

My week in a nutshell...

My oldest child, formerly known as the Teen with Lots of Stuff, now "College Student with Good Grades!" and I went to visit family in Ottawa for a few days before said college student starts a summer accounting internship near home.
Of course, we went to see family but the fact that there was an exhibit of paintings of my favorite Canadian artist 

at the National Gallery of Canada clinched the deal. 

I love the architecture of the gallery building...

the views....

the light....

the art...

I did not take any photos in the special exhibit which was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

but I snapped one of my favorite Georgia O'Keeffe's
Lake George with Crows

 (that is our local Lake George)

and a Gustave Klimt 
for my fiber art group friends back home...

Besides art and family, I did enjoy some delicious vegan food too!!!

As for my own art,
I have been trying to draw every day...

I am afraid to mess up my studio...

well not really, but I do like to photograph it
and the windows of the building...

I dabbled with a marbling kit I bought on my recent trip to NYC...

I took a free expression drawing class with some fiber art friends...

 I played with some iPhone apps...

and did some reading...

All very exciting says Olive!

And you can see Olive immortalized in fabric 
at the Quilt Alliance "Animals We Love" contest 

Better yet! You can vote if you are a member!!!
It is not a very expensive membership,
Quilt Alliance is a wonderful organization
and you can meet me and Olive in NYC in September!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Up Close and Personal....

I've got a new toy...
Nothing fancy or expensive,
just a little lens on an elastic band

My friend Alex told me about it
when I remarked on some of her photos on instagram.

So naturally,
I had to try it out...

Some photos are better than others...

You have to get your lens on the phone 
right up close to the subject matter...

and try not to wiggle.

Some times you have to wait for the wind to die down.

Other times, you have to crouch down really low.

All the time,
I have to wear my reading glasses...

and I still get a lot of blurry shots.

Some times, you have to creep up on your subject

and hope that they stay long enough...

Some times,

 the subject matter just appears..

other times, it has been staring at you for months...

Any way you look at it, I see some art pieces in the future!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Coming Clean....

Winter here in upstate NY left a BAD taste in my mouth

and a mess in my sewing room....

So when Cheryl shouted out for bloggers to participate in  a blog hop about spring cleaning
I knew that was a call to me!

I have NEVER (!) been shy about posting photos of my sewing room in its natural state of chaos....
however, in preparing this post, 
I was comforted by the words of Author Unknown...

A clean house is the sign of a boring person. ~Author Unknown

I have never (!)  been called  boring, right?

I am fortunate that we do NOT own dining room furniture
so I quickly took over this room for my sewing
when we moved to this home almost 16 years ago.

 It is a convenient spot right off the kitchen-
 a great location for the purpose of multitasking,
particularly when our kids were small.

It has a lock....

 though on closer examination,
you might notice that the lock is on the outside of the door!!

Once upon a time, 

 it was a dark room that housed my sewing accessories and machine
 on a long table,
along with plastic shelving for my fabric 
and a few other craft items 
(I liked to rubber stamp baby announcements back in the olden days!).

But then, I started scrapbooking for a few  years,
and I started making more quilts and occasional gifts..
all to say
 that I had accumulated quite a collection of fabric, crafting supplies, books...

Mr. U customized my sewing room
 with built-in shelving,
a custom made cutting table, 
knick-knack shelves, great lighting,.....
 and even French doors
(which don't lock either!)

but they work well as a fleece-over-the-door design wall

so no one would DARE open those doors!!!

 Keeping this beautiful room clean is another story!!!

My cutting table doubles as a 'throw-it-in-the-room' surface
when I get home from errands,
'I'll-just-leave-it-here-till-I-figure-out-where-to-put-that'  table
as well as a place for my ongoing projects...

but as you can see, I canNOT do much cutting!

The floor has a dual purpose...
for walking on
storing multiple 'I'll-just-dump-it-here-till-I-figure-out-where-to-put-that' things

and yes, I store the base of my Vitamix (black thing on the  left) on the sewing room floor!
(that's another story!)

I often find that the floor is a great place on which
to actually create, don't you?

This is from a  messy sewing room disclosure a couple of weeks ago..

 but it highlights, nicely, the palpitations I get
when a family member decides to visit my sewing room...

 It takes Enter At Your Own Risk to a whole new dimension!!!

I am a "pile-er" and no surface is immune to the amassing of piles!

The foot stool (in the lower center of the photo)
is a great place for assorted papers that need filing, right?

 So with the impetus of Cheryl's impending blog hop,
I cleaned!!!

And now....
I no longer share my arm chair with towels from the gym
and assorted books waiting to be shelved...

I will be able to cut fabric on the table without cutting something else
(like, say, the wrist handle on my digital camera!)

 All the pins are in one place
I can sew a project without knocking stuff onto the floor!!!

 I can sit at my desk 
(without sitting on work files!)

 and do work!!!

 Actually, I can walk over to the desk without tripping on a zillion things too!

 So now, I have a veritable 'tabula rasa'  for creating!!!

But... guess what?!

I forgot to mention
that I also share a studio space at a local destination for us arty types!
And you might have guessed...

that lately, the clutter has been 'stunting' my creative muse

what better reason than the blog hop
to do some spring cleaning here!!!

 (this is an in-process photo... 
I don't leave my floors like this at the studio,

Now I have only been in this space since October...

(yes, I do have a few supplies, don't I?)

but after an afternoon of shifting, disentangling, 
and some "Oh, I forgot I had this!" moments, 

I am now organized and tidied up

and ready to do some messing creating!!!!

Just remember what Author Unknown said...

Dull women have immaculate homes. ~Author Unknown
(she's got that right!!!)

Now I am not alone on this adventure...

check these cleaners out too!!!

Here are the rest of the spring cleaners....

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