Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Quilters Take Manhattan, take 2...

while most quilters were still tucked snugly under a heap of quilts
in slumber,
I was up at the crack of dawn (which was about 6:30 AM EST)
helping set up for the main event
at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)...

As you can see many of the volunteers and board members 
donned handmade clothing using fabric with the 
Quilters Take Manhattan logo
which is available at Spoonflower.
If you check this link to the QTM2015 facebook page
or the Quilt Alliance facebook page, 
you can see us modeling our handmade duds.

At about 9 AM, 
doors opened and in poured the quilters....

(this is my vantage point from the raffle ticket table...
from which I did NOT ultimately win any of the goodies, 
but I did win a door prize which I shared with a couple friends)

Up in the auditorium,

Ricky Tims was our keynote speaker...

He related his quilter story to us
complete with a view of his first business credit card
which read "Ricky Tims Quilt Stud"
(I guess Visa couldn't make room for the 'io' in studio!)

He asked us to be honest with ourselves 

explore our path in the quilting world...

He encouraged us all to take risks

 and had us all recite aloud this creative credo...

By this time, 
I could've used a quilt or two to warm up
(geez the auditorium was chilly)
and my lack of sleep and early rising was catching up with me!!!

Ricky was followed by

who described her creative journey into the quilting world,,,

from the farm in Minnesota...

 (and the inspiration she took from the farm 
and her grandmother's work mostly in double knit fabrics)

to New York City
and her accomplishments in the world of quilting...

peppered with lots of humor
even a look at one of her double knit jackets... 

Since the mission of Quilt Alliance is to tell our stories,
through documentation, preservation and sharing our American quilt heritage,
the program continued with some interviews of quilters
including Edyta Sitar...

members of a local quilt guild....

 and Mary Koval telling her story of an antique quilt.

 I attended a short quilt show of Yvonne Porcella's work 
led by Meg Cox..

and then watched the Quilt Match Manhattan in which 
Karla Overland, Laurie Russman, and Edyta Sitar
competed for the coveted embellished quilt belt ...

created this masterpiece complete with the pope...

Laurie "Neon Kitty" created this work of art...

and Edyta created this beautiful collage

and took home the belt!!!

I attended the evening cocktail party but left my camera in my bag
except to catch this photo of NYC at night...

I was pretty pooped by this time
and had a great night's sleep
before the last day of QTM2015
which I will tell you about in another post....

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

N. Y. C.

This past weekend, 
I made a trip to New York City!!!!

But this weekend, 
I had to share the limelight with the Pope!!!

cuz I am pretty sure these people were not lined up to see me...

I was in the Big Apple 
organized by the Quilt Alliance.

I started my weekend with a class
at Victoria Findlay Wolfe's loft....

We sewed on Juki machines
(boy can they sew fast!)

and made cute little bags...

hung out with her little dog, Jenny...

and looked at some of Victoria's beautiful quilts....

In the afternoon,
I went on a tour of the Antonio Ratti Textile Center
but we were asked not to publish any photos of the old quilts 
we saw there...

but I did take photos of some quilts on display in The Met.. 

On my way back to my friend's apartment,
bands were congregating...

streets and Central Park were closed off...

and all kinds of security was visible...

I needed all the help I could get to keep the masses
 from getting too close to Olive!!!

Actually, security was for the Pope
who was going to be Central Park Friday afternoon,  
but there was a big crowd shopping at The City Quilter
where some of the quilts from the Quilt Alliance's contest,
"Animals We Love" were on display.

It was good to catch up with Olive!!
It is probably the last time that I will see her in person.
The quilts are scheduled to be auctioned off on Ebay this fall..
stay tuned!

next post...

Quilters Take Manhattan main event....

Sunday, September 20, 2015

To blog or not to blog...

... that is the question....

I have been pondering the possibility of returning to blogging.... 
hoping that it might help me to find my creative muse 
that appears to have lost its way this summer...

Despite my misplaced passion to create, 
some of my most recent work has been recognized and for that I am very grateful....

My "porcine" piece, Olive. Olive you. , is now in print... 

In the latest issue of Quilting Arts....

Olive appears along with other winners in the  Quilt Alliance's "Animals We Love" contest.. 

Next weekend I will be able to see my quilt one last time in NYC
 at Quilters Take Manhattan (will I see you there?!)
before she is headed to eBay along with the other 88 quilts
 to be auctioned off to benefit the Quilt Alliance.

I also entered a "Reality Warps" call by Lyric Kinard using her Abstract-a-licious technique

 and was one of  eight pieces that will be featured on an upcoming episode of 
Ricky Tims' and Alex Anderson's The Quilt Show!

So, if I can just muster up that infectious excitement again, 
that crazy spirit to make art...
perhaps you will see me posting here more often...

Whenever you are creating beauty around you,
You are restoring your own soul.

-Alice Walker

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Spring is such a grand time!!!

... it turns out, Olive. Olive you (with a heart- can't post emoticons) is a winner!!!!

Yes, she won an Honorable Mention in the Quilt Alliance members choice awards and I also won a Judge's Choice Award!!!!!

So very exciting!!!!

My online friend Lisa (check out her wonderful blog!!! and here too!)
spotted Olive in person last night and posted a photo 
(even more exciting!)

Apparently, as a sponsor of the Quilt Alliance "Animals We Love" contest,  
Handi Quilter  currently is displaying the quilts at their quilt gallery!

Now that homeschooling is over 
(except the final report to the school district, pending results of exams),
I am starting to get back into the swing of the art thing....

I heard this stated by someone I know last week
and just had to whip it up in fabric....

Nothing like some improv piecing to soothe the soul!!!!

And if that isn't enough,
nature is displaying its many fine colors...

 and specimens....

I love NOT winter!!!!