Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Coming up for air!!!

I keep thinking that I must blog!!! 
Clearly, thinking and doing are two very separate actions!!!!

I have been so busy lately
that I barely have time to breathe!!!

Where to start?!!!
Well, after I snow dyed some fabric, 
I decided to use this piece.... 

(I think there is a shadow from the dried up remains of our hosta plants... but I didn't dare venture out further into the snow!)

I haven't made a pillow for sooooo long and like so many of my projects,
 it is not for me,
 but rather for a special friend. 

Then....I have also been working on Life Book 2014...
learning some wonderful drawing techniques 

and having so much fun!

(hmmmm... this one has a copyright on it! How did I do that?)

I also made a birthday post card for my mother's birthday
with machine applique/free motion stitching, stamping,

and a little photo editing printed on fabric...

But I am not always at home!!!
Nature Boy and I went to our local art museum
to see a wonderful exhibit...

Ansel Adams "Early Works"-
gorgeous photography!!!

There was also an exhibit of "Photo Secession"-
a technique used by photographers at the turn of the 20th century
to make their photographs look like paintings.

I am knitting my second pair of socks...

(these are for Mr. U)

As for the rest of my waking hours....

well, Sugar Baby decided a week ago
to return to public school after 4 1/2  years of homeschooling...

So what have I been doing with my newly acquired 
free time (Nature Boy doesn't require too much of my time)???!!

Cleaning the house!!!! 
(well it's either spring cleaning a lot late or a little early)

 My cousin thinks our house looks Brady Bunch like..

not surprising, since this is a 1970s kitchen that still looks like the 1970s!

I am still going to the gym before the sun rises...

and when I have a minute,
sitting in my clean kitchen
I  enjoy watching the birds share meals at the bird feeder...

(handmade by Nature Boy)

and finally, when Mother Nature dumps on us,
I have been known to pick up a shovel... 

So you see, I may not have blogged...
but I have managed fill my waking hours with enough stuff to make blogging worthwhile!!!

Now, I'll just take a deep breath and off I go....!


Marilyn J. Rock said...

Keep taking those deep breaths Lisa! You sure are a busy woman! Love your pillow! xo

Brenda said...

this was a good reminder to get out my dyes, since I have lots of snow.

Robbie said...

Cute post!! Snow dyed fabric/pillow nice too!

Vicki Miller said...

Love your pillow. As usual, you busy enough for two women. I wonder that you ever have time for sleep!

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Your pillow looks great. Blog when you feel like it!

patty a. said...

The pillow is beautiful! Even though we have had snow on the ground for a month and a half I have not done any snow dyeing. Just snow shoveling! Today it is sunny again (we have luckily had a lot of sunny days this winter). It is not enough to melt the snow just shrink the snow pack a bit. We are expecting more snow on Friday. A clean house feels so good. I wish I had time to clean my abode up. When you live by yourself it is easy to put the cleaning off for another day. I managed to get small areas done, but there are some places - well, let's not go there.

JB said...

The snow dyed fabric with the black is gorgeous. So much snow... I wish you could send all that excess moisture to dry beyond belief and warmer than normal Arizona.