Friday, October 29, 2010

Lessons learned

The other day, I listened to Amy on Creative Talk Radio 
and was reminded that her Blogger's Quilt Festival was around the corner.

As always, Amy asked to post about a quilt that we have made...
tell its story,  
tell why you made it, 
why it is special to you,
what you learned about quilting/yourself while making it.

Since my latest quilt, Impromptu, is fresh in my mind...

my quilt, Impromptu

this is the quilt I chose for the festival...

I learned a lot while creating this quilt!!

1.  I still covet black and white fabrics, I can never have enough of them!!!

polka dots and black/whites, black/color
(this is my stash just below my-also-coveted dot stash!)

2.  I slipped my bobbin thread through the hole in the bobbin case...

my quilt, Impromptu

and was really pleased with the quality of my free motion quilting stitches!!!

my quilt, Impromptu

3. Working with no real final plan in mind is fun but challenging...

progress is slow on my b/w log cabins
(and you really don't know how it will look in the end either!)

4.  Ideas don't always come out exactly as you see them in your mind...

binding inside corners is an art
(Binding an inside corner is tough and I had to let go of perfection... ugh!)

5.  One project out of your head....

my quilt, Impromptu

often leads to 4 other projects in your head!!!
I will start work on them soon, I hope!

Another lesson learned was yesterday on our latest homeschool field trip!

We visited the city's water treatment plant (I didn't take photos there, oops)
and we learned how the water from the local reservoirs and mountains is treated.

Who knew a water storage area was so beautiful!???

Beautiful view

and if you look into the distance, you can see the next state!

Beautiful view - You can see to VT!

Check out Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival and the many other wonderful quilts!

At home with my sewing utensils!

Class dismissed!


  1. Lisa, I love the quilt you shared with us! Great post with your lessons learned. I agree with the one project out of your head leads to 4 (or 5 or 6 or...) more! Lovely field trip photos too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I really love this quilt, and not just because I love B&W. I also really love the way you quilted this, it's so creative! :)

  3. Love it! I share your love of black and white fabric!

  4. I forgot all about that little hole in the bobbin case! Thanks for the reminder.

    I love your funky quilt. I BET that inside corner was hard to bind. Wow. Cool idea, though.

  5. Love it - it would look so cute with the black/white/pink quilt I posted on my art q. blog.
    A tip for next time -if you don't want pesky inner corners you can face the quilt instead of trad. binding.
    Also pop by the 2nd blog to see my antique 1890 schoolhouse quilt.

  6. I LOVE THIS QUILT! I may have to copy your idea to work like this with my own black and white stash, if I can bear to cut it. What fun to just play!

  7. I am very partial to black and white fabrics and often use them amongst my jewel tones. Your quilt is simply marvelous!

  8. Love your quilt and the little colorful pieces!

  9. What a fantastic quilt!! I love the couple of touches of colour and the quilting is amazing!!

  10. It's an original and it's really an UpstateLisa's quilt! Love it! Also love your fabric stash!!!!

  11. Black and white and a bit of colour, perfect :-)
    oh, well and the inside corner, amazing. And I really enjoy your landscape photos

  12. Love all the black and white fabrics.

  13. Great lessons learned. Thanks for sharing your lovely black and white quilt!

  14. I like the fun sparks of color! Very fun!

  15. I love the black & white quilt, but I especially love that pop of green color, the way it contrasts really draws your eye to the whole quilt, doesn't I?

  16. Your quilt is so cool! And I know what you mean about binding an inside corner. Tough!

    Leslie S. in MN
    esclante at comcast dot net

  17. love black and white, too and that one bit of color is wonderful. thanks for sharing a beautiful quilt and have a great day