Wednesday, November 30, 2011

veni vidi vici

That is...
I came,
I saw,
I conquered!!!
Yes, I did!!!
It's true!!!!

NaNoJouMo cover (back)

I have finished one month (30 days!!!)
and I never missed a day!

NaNoJouMo cover (front)

Today, after completing the last page,
I bound my canvas pages with string...

NaNoJouMo cover (back and front)

and tied the string with a variety of fibers...

close up of binding fibers

What fun!
What a challenge!
I tried to vary the kinds of techniques I used
as well as the materials...

30 Days of NaNoJouMo! And I didn't miss one day!!!

And now....
it's time...

the remants of the NaNoJouMo storm

to pick up the pieces...

the remants of the NaNoJouMo storm

and move on...
Goblin Gallop, 10/29/11
Gotta run!