Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Armed... and dangerous..???

Title got you scared?! Believe me, I was!

I headed over to meet my son at the middle school yesterday with the intent of cleaning his locker. I came armed with my camera of course, as well as a garbage bag, gas mask, Hazmat suit and gloves (okay, so I exaggerate! but I did have a garbage bag.)

My friend, Jamie says, "I can't believe poor XXXX (name obscured to protect the innocent... well not so innocent) has to go to the embarrassment of having mom look into his locker. A locker is a guys domain, as a male he has a right to smelly gym clothes, jockstraps, leftover lunches, and many foreign objects unknown to mankind. "

Well, James, clothing was missing! (and of course, the occasional homework assignment.)

So off I went (I apologize for the poor quality of the following photos- I was trembling!!!!)

Getting ready to open the said locker....
I was shaking! but also shocked! The locker was in neat and tidy( huh?!). Books lined up neatly on the bottom shelf, jackets (several of them... ah hah!) hung up on hooks and assorted clothing, including gym clothing, on the top shelf. I didn't even have to throw anything out!
We did take home... one winter jacket (uhhh... it is May, ya know), one wind breaker, one rain coat (we were wondering where that was - at least, I was), 2 winter hats, and one sweatshirt.

But wait... he must be related to the kid in the messy room across the hall!!! Alas, his bedroom does not look like his locker!
But seeing that we are looking around, here are the quilts that I have made for my son...

His first bed size quilt. I started cutting it out around the time that I found out that I was pregnant with sloppy sister...

and with hand quilting spider webs (I did do some machine quilting too), this baby took 2 1/2 years to complete.
Needless to say, I haven't hand quilted since.
The next quilt is a flannel quilt. The ol' Yellow Brick Road pattern again...

Oh... and the owner and his 'camping/fishing' themed quilt. I cut up a panel of Northwoods by Holly Taylor and made many, many, many half square triangles...

The label on the back includes a quote from Dave Barry, " Fishing is boring unless you catch an actual fish and then it is disgusting."
My son loves to fish but won't eat the stuff!

In other news, my sister, BarbB is looking for a dye magnet back home (dh calls it "the old country" and I had a friend in college that called it a third world nation). It used to be that many items found in the US (particularly junk food) could not be found in Canada when I was growing up. Not sure if that is still true. The only thing I miss about Canada is their Crunchie bars (oh yeah, and maybe my family).

So, Sis, this is what you are looking for....

If you have never tried one, you should. It seems to prevent dyes/colors from running. I have started to prewash all my fabrics as a precaution too.

Maybe if you are lucky, I might even show you how a 14 1/2 year old lives, too!!! Woohoo!