Monday, March 24, 2008

How to get on my blog (and other details)

My friend, Jamie, who is an old college friend of mine reports that he enjoys reading my blog. He is not a crafter, a quilter, much less a sewer, but he says that he gets great enjoyment from reading it.

The other day, Jamie emailed me a challenge.... "Here's a challenge for you, see if you can figure out a way to stitch my name into one of your blogs, why? Well, I've never appeared in a blog before :-)." So now, I will tell him and my other readers how to get on my blog!!!

First off, James.. you need to get yourself a blogger account!!! Then you can actually post comments right on my blog (he usually emails me)!!! That way, the other readers can read your comments and see your name in print!!!!

You could always start your own blog. I often cite the works of other bloggers. Right now, I am participating in a swap hosted by Melly and Me and I have been partnered up with Linda who has a lovely blog. Their names are in print in lots of places!!!

You could be a famous quilter/textile artist that I have had the privilege to see in person....

Jan Mullen whose work I love. I have a couple of her books!!!

Kaffe Fassett whose work I admire.
Another way is to do something interesting, intriguing, wierd or just plain silly!!! I walked into my sewing room last night to find hubby and my oldest on their hands and knees looking for pins that had fallen in between the planks of our hardwood floor. Now that is just plain silly!!! :-)

My daughter asked me not to include this photo on my blog but since her face is obscured... her identity has been kept hidden to protect the 'innocent'.

Another way is to be cute! Here is my MIL's cat, Clark, playing with the Easter eggs after a wild hunt through her house. This is cute!!!!

Also, I like the color green!!!
You could write a great quilting/sewing/crafting book or model on the front cover. I do not know this person but I loooove this book!!
And you could always pose as fabric!!! I love fabric!!! This is the beginnings of a purse that is featured in the above book.

Or.... I could just honor his original request....

Jamie.... your name now appears on a blog!!!!

Others can contact me if they want this privilege as well. Have a great day!!!