Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a girl's gotta do

I am going on a little vacation. The kind where you leave your hubby and kids at home. Yup, I am headed to the Lancaster Quilt Show with two friends (Deb and Laura- both blogless!). We thought about driving together, as we did once before, but in the end we decided to go on the bus trip being organized by a guild that my two companions belong to. With the price of gas rising, it isn't such a bad idea.

Now back to the part about going without hubby and the kids. I keep reminding hubby that I am going without kids!!! He asked me to remember him while I am gone and to come home.

Normally, when one goes on vacation, they have some packing to do and then they head out the door. At least, that is how my hubby operates. About an hour before departure, he throws a few things in a bag and is out the door. Not me! The process of going on vacation begins at least a few days before departure day.

First, I do a little house cleaning. I am not a neat freak but if I clean before I leave, then the house will only be about half as messy as if I leave without cleaning first. I do not live with neat freaks either and there is only a slight chance that they might clean while I am gone.

So, I vacuumed.
I washed the kitchen floor. I am not fond of this floor... it has ceramic tile which causes everything to shatter when it comes face-to-face with the said floor. It mops well but needs mopping frequently. I don't think it will be mopped while I am gone.

Then, I started my errands....

I stopped at the bank to get some money. I may want to buy a thing or two... maybe a fat quarter or two, a pattern... (yeah right!). Laura usually wins the contest of "who bought the most."

I also stopped for a trim at the hair salon. I don't want to spend a lot of time fussing over my hair when I am going to need some sleep so I am rested. Lots of quilts to look at and maybe...some shopping.

Stopped at the grocery store. I used to make meals when I went away without hubby and the kids but I often returned to find entire dishes still in the fridge and fast food remnants scattered around the kitchen. So, I filled the kitchen with what I think might be needed.

If all else fails and they have nothing to eat, there is always the quadruple batch of gingerbread cookies that I managed to bake this afternoon.

Oh yeah, I stocked up on some snacks for us girls too. We are going to need lots of energy for all that quilt show viewing and maybe if we go shopping too. Deb and Laura usually bring wine.

Back at home, I fished out my suitcase from the storage room.

This one is expandable.... just in case I pick up a fat quarter or two.
Ahhh... and these bags. Extra reinforcements in case my fat quarters don't fit into my suitcase.
I have been keeping an ongoing list of items I might be able to find if we go shopping. I need to replace the quilting gloves that ripped. I always find a good deal on sewing machine needles. I could use some batting to finish some UFOs. And of course, may be I might find some black/white fabrics (my faves) or polka dots (my other faves).

This pad was given to me by Laura one year on our little Lancaster vacation. Deb, Laura and I usually exchange small gifts on our trip. Can't show you those on the blog (they may be blogless but they read blogs!!!).

And finally, while hubby is at work each day, I pretty much run the show at home. While I am on vacation without hubby and the kids, hubby has to run the show. Only he doesn't have much experience, so I have to leave him a few notes.

(yes, I have a 1970s brown fridge!)

So... a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do so she can go on vacation without hubby and the kids!!! And it usually takes me more than an hour.