Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I can't think of a brilliant title for today's post!

I forgot to mention a quilting casualty. This weekend, amidst the marathon quilting session, I noticed this big rip in my right hand quilting glove. OY! I better put quilting gloves on my 'shopping list' for Lancaster!!!!
I am going by bus with a couple of friends to the quilt show and shopping across the countryside for a few days next weekend. I can hardly wait!!!! I know Deb and Laura (Hi Ladies! ....both without blogs) are excited too!

I showed this yesterday. Well, it....

became this today....
Wonder what this will become?????Now that the book fair and quilting marathon are over, I can get back into the routine of early mornings at the gym. With the time change recently, I arrive home just as the sun is beginning to rise. I never think to take my camera with me to the gym (can't imagine why!), so I took this photo with my cell phone again. It really doesn't do it justice. And you really can't see the mountains of Vermont just under the sun, but it still looks beautiful.
I have been lucky with winning giveaways recently but I just found one at the Old Red Barn that all ready had 831 comments!!! Chances of winning are pretty slim but I added mine since I would really love a quilt made from Katie Jump Rope fabrics. Check them out!