Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday, March 21

I haven't blogged much this week but I have been busy!!!! I found a few new blogs this week to add to my favorites... a blogger originally from another part of upstate NY Niki's VenturAdd Videoes, another quilter/crafter with a child with type 1 diabetes, and Old Barn Red Barn Co. which had a quilt made from Katie Jump Rope fabric that I really, really wanted to win!

I have been wrapped up (pun intended!) in coil baskets all week! Sticky business!
And as I promised earlier this week, I would have a giveaway to celebrate my little ol' 50th blog post. Baskets have many uses....
My assistant is mixing them up...
Someone needs a manicure!!!
Congratulations to Stacy!!! Stacy please email me with your snail mail address!!!

Today is a particularly special early spring day. Nine years ago today, my youngest little cherub was born (6 days early but the latest of the my kids) at 7:26 AM (the earliest in the day of my 3 kids), weighing 7lb, 15 oz (the smallest of the bunch!).

And now, she is full of life... a free spirited, outspoken, beautiful, bright, funny, can-drive-you-nuts, chatty figure skater!!! Happy birthday Sweetie!!!!

Happy weekend to all!!!!

Addendum: check out the celebrate spring contest at Happy Handwork!