Monday, March 17, 2008

More than I bargained for...

Today was meant for recovery... recovery from book fair (which we had to clean up ahead of schedule this morning since all the cases and boxes was being picked up 2 days early!).....recovery from a marathon quilting weekend with little sleep....recovery from a house full of guests (they were easy to have- maybe a little loud :-) ).

It didn't seem likely that I would make it into my sewing room today. Oh well. Today would be a day to catch up and get some neglected duties done.

I forgot that today was St. Patrick's Day (don't have an ounce of Irish blood in me).

Luckily, my oldest remembered that the local convenience stores were giving away free ice cream to those who wore green (I can do that). And so the kids and I went there after school.

I came home with a full stomach to discover that I had received a package in the mail today. My long awaited prize from Jodie!! It was packaged so beautifully in a fat quarter of fabric, tied with a pink measuring tape in metric (which will be great to use with all of my Japanese craft books!).
I opened the package to find the wristlet that I had won. It is definitely more beautiful in real life! The details are gorgeous! Talk about details.... I opened up the wristlet to take a closer look ..
and found these lovelies!!! A coin purse and some wonderful buttons to add to my collection! But wait...
I opened the coin purse to take a closer look and all these wonderful homemade yoyos spilled out!
And this awesome card was in the package too!!! I looooove it, Jodie! I will hang this on my wall!!!
Wow! Certainly more than I ever expected!!!!

Talking about beyond your expectations.... this weekend, hubby and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary! We are not very sentimental and often do not exchange goodies. (One year, hubby and I bought a double album of Miles Davis and sat at home, listening, while we watched 43 inches of snow fall that weekend- thank goodness we moved!). But while I was quilting like crazy, hubby went out and bought this wonderful chair and stool at a friend's consignment shop to put in my sewing room. What a gift!!!! Of course, everyone sat on it but me until I got to hand sewing the binding of the green quilt at 6:30 AM Sunday (when I was the only one awake!).

Last night, at our friendship group, I started a little project. Hmmmm.... wonder what it could be.
Don't forget to comment on my 50th posting. I will announce the winner of my very first ever giveaway later this week!!!