Thursday, April 28, 2011

From my vantage point....

I am still working on this quilt for our guild challenge....

X marks the spot

and if you look really closely at the 'X's in the right hand corner...

there we are on the bridge!

you might see Mr. U and I standing on that bridge last night....

the Might Hudson rages from melting and raining
bet you can't see us...
(of course not!
  I'm the one taking the photo and Mr. U is probably nearby!)

with the spring melts from the Adirondack Mountains and the plentiful recent rains,
the area is experiencing high waters,
and raging falls...

the Might Hudson rages from melting and raining

The center of our community is the falls
which has historical significance,
literary reference,
and industrial importance....

the Might Hudson rages from melting and raining
(lots of paper and paper products are produced in this area)

but as the sign says...

the Might Hudson rages from melting and raining at Glens Falls
you can only see the falls in the spring...

the Might Hudson rages from melting and raining

and from our vantage point
on the bridge
we saw...

the Might Hudson rages from melting and raining

I've been asked about my "technique" (is that we call it?)
for creating my quilt, "Along The River"
and so...
from my vantage point
(on the floor now)...

here is my attempt at a re-cap/tutorial....

I blew up a map of the area I wanted to include...

enlarged map sitting on a slab of wood

I laid some lightweight fusible interfacing on top of the map
with the fusible side up

starting to create the background

and began cutting up pieces of fabric (previously backed with Wonder Under)

starting to create the background

on top of the interfacing...

adding background browns, greens

Occasionally, I laid a piece of the release paper
(that I had peeled off of the Wonder Under )
over the fabric and pressed the pieces in place on the interfacing...

adding background browns, greens

I created the river in the same way
and cut the interfacing along the edges of the blue fabric...

the river is waiting to be added to the background

laid it on top of the background
and pressed it in place...

fusing the pieces back with Wonder Under onto the base of interfacing

I added the interstate down the middle
in the same way
et voila!

with the Interstate

To anchor all the pieces in place,
I sprayed the top of the quilt with a temporary adhesive
(because that is what I had at home but I think I would prefer something permanent)
and laid a piece of black tulle (which I purchased at Joann's) on top of the quilt..

black tulle and temporary spray adhesive

Then I started some free motion quilting....

quilting of the river and the interstate
some lines down the interstate with gray rayon thread
and some zigzags with a silver metallic thread on the river.

I traced the streets off the enlarged map
onto sheets of tracing paper
and pinned them onto my quilt...

I traced the streets onto tracing paper

and quilted the roads, using a free motion foot,
through the paper

quilted roadmap
which I, then, peeled off around the stitching...

I have been using the latest tools that technology can bring....

high tech tools

an old toothbrush and a pair of tweezers to pick off 
any leftover bits of tracing paper and thread...

(I'm picky about those things!)

Of course,
my project is by no means complete
but this gives you an idea of the process that I used.

I will post photos of the complete project
as soon as I dig myself out....

or peel myself off the floor!

Me on the floor