Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Time

A family that displays together....stays together!
The aprons are done!!!! Woohoo!
Tonight, I will wrap them up with a note for the two school nurses, one teacher, and guidance counselor. They have been so good to us!

Today is my last bit of chaperoning for the school year. Sloppy Sister (and let me tell you, sloppy she is these days!) and her class are off to a domed sports arena for a day of fun and play.

I think I would rather be making more of these...
I made these last night while gabbing with Blogless Deb and Janey at our Sunday night friendship group, Sew Together!

Sloppy Sister, "Mom, what is this?"
Me, "A Ham."
I have always wanted one of these... (the one on the left! I don't 'do' the one on the right!)

Thanks to my family for enduring my wacky moments of bloginess! I love you!