Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MMMMMM.... M words are driving me batty!

I was pondering my message for today's post, and kept coming up with 'M' words!!! How marvelous!!! or am I mad?!!!! just a little batty (you wait and see....)

Mountains in the morning....

on my way home from buying milk at a local convenience store
after maneuvering through a less than stellar workout (I could only endure 3 miles today) at the gym.

Ah yes.... remember Sloppy Sister???? Well, I vowed to get rid of the mess by the last day of school if she was not going to take responsibility for it....(and I am not as discriminating about what stays and what doesn't!!)

that's me!!! My oldest caught me in the act! I even mopped!!!
I even got Messy Marvin to attack his mess!!!

My free time, as I know it, has ended for about 2 1/2 months....Uh-huh! School officially ended yesterday afternoon and so did my routine and my quiet time.

The sleepovers, play dates with friends, sleeping late, and quarreling has all ready started!! Hope they don't drive me batty!!!!

While the mice were still asleep this morning, the cat (ME) did some landlording duties and mowed the lawn (however small).
Looks like a mansion... but it houses 6 different apartments.

My oldest loves this bag but it has seen better days...

So, I am going to use this material...
to make a new model!!!! Shouldn't be too difficult!

Many of you are probably not aware of my aversion (no 'M' words to describe my revulsion) to rodents and assorted creatures that resemble rodents...

These may be hard to see but they are bats!!!! and they are living under the eaves on the backside of our house!!!!!!!!!

Last summer, we had a couple of indoor visits from them!!!! If the 'M' words don't drive me batty, these creatures will!!!!!!!!!! YUCK!!!!

I am staying inside to sew!!!!!!