Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer is just starting swimmingly... least, I think so!

without difficulty; with great success; effortlessly: She passed the exam swimmingly.

The weather has gotten warmer and muggy so we headed to the town swimming :-) pool yesterday to cool off and the kids checked out the pond nearby.

Nature Boy and 'Sloppy' enjoy looking for frogs!

Remember the cleaning I did the day school ended???
Yeah well... did I say swimmingly?!
Sloppy Sister stands by her name, I guess. I took this photo this morning! Sigh!

And Messy Marvin (aka Nature Boy) spread his stuff to the outdoors....
He has also taken my old sewing machine and set up shop in his perfect his finger puppets....
And I think they came out just swimmingly!!!

This one is mine...
Before the rain arrives, Marvin cut the grass in front...while this guy gave it a try in the backyard...

not sure if his mowing will end swimmingly..... we have a good size backyard!

So, here is the bag that I showed you the other day. The one owned by Teenager with lots of stuff.

I said I would make a similar bag to replace the aging tote above.

and inside...
Looks great, huh?

Well, let me tell you......all is not well. Things did not go swimmingly at the end.

I sewed the lining and outside bag together right sides together and turned the lining inside out at the 'hole' I left in the seam. I sewed the edge much like I had sewed the rest of the bag...
but I can't get it right!!!!
Look at the stitching!!!! What am I doing wrong?!!!!! I have changed needles (more than once...jeans/microtex/universal), thread (Aurifil versus Coats), presser feet (walking foot versus 1/4" foot versus regular zigzag foot), and rethread the #@$#$ machine several times and the result is much the same. Help!!!

So, I have moved on to my next project... the 6"-12" mini quilt trading swap.

Sneak peek...
I am using Easy Bias Curves by Wendy Hill.
So far, so good. Phew!

Hope your weekend goes swimmingly! :=)

ADDENDUM: Okay, wasn't I just saying things were going swimmingly?!!!!!!
Why don't I read the directions thoroughly and correctly the first time?!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is supposed to look like this....

not like this....sigh.... maybe summer isn't starting out so swimmingly after all (big sigh).