Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Can you believe it?!

Sloppy has got her sleep-wake cycle turned around.. especially after that up all night fiasco!!! I have been waking her up progressively earlier each day and today, she woke up to her alarm at 6:30 AM!!!!!!!

**note** this is a file photo... I was not home to capture this momentous occasion as I was on my way home from the gym. But by the time I returned, she was sitting at the kitchen table testing her blood sugar, jungle breath and all!!!

If I could only get her to finish cleaning her room by the end of today.....

Can you believe it?!

Our last-day-of-summer tradition involves having Dunkin Donuts for breakfast?! We used to go out for breakfast but our custom has evolved and now we dine at home....

I ate that loooong donut thing on the top left and a iced caramel latte (with whipped cream, I might add) after I ran 3 miles in 29 minutes and 23 seconds and cycled 3+ miles on the recumbent bike (resistance program) in 15 minutes....

Can you believe it?!

I have a trick to share with you.... After a couple of curious questions about my 'hiding the thread' comment, I thought I would tell you my technique...

First off, a truly remarkable invention that I shared with my friends, Janey and Blogless Deb... the easy threading needle!!!!

Observe.. a needle with a notch and a eye... all in the same needle!!!! (sorry hard to see up close, but take my word for it!)

I start off my free motion quilting by pulling the bobbin thread to the top and reinforcing with a few stationary stitches...
After I have finished my quilting of the leaf, I clip the threads, trying to keep a few inches of thread (warning, this is not for the faint of conservation-of-thread!)
Now, I will show you on the backing since the contrast with the green fabric is easier on the eyes!

I make a single knot near the end of the quilted design...

I carefully set the thread through the top notch of the easy thread needle and slide the thread through the fabric right near where I finished sewing (making sure not to come out through the other side) and gently tug until that little knot 'clicks' to the batting side of the fabric and is hiding...
Then I clip the excess thread.

I know, it is not a quick project, but I like the look...
Sometimes, I like a design that has finite pieces instead of one running image.
Clear as mud, huh?

Can you believe it?!

I have had my head in and out of the laundry machines all day trying to catch up on laundry before the big day!
Can you believe it?!

Pat (Riker) who said...
Oh, WOW....that is a super-terrific bag! LOVE the style and love the print, too....and with the lets the odor out while keeping the running shoes clever!!! hehehe

is the winner of my giveway!!!!!
Send me you snail mail and I will get your prize to you!!!!

Can you believe it?!

It is the most wonderful time of the year... come 7:35 AM Thursday!!!! I will let you know how it all goes!

Have a good night!