Friday, April 8, 2011


This past year I decided that I didn't have enough projects on the go
that I didn't have enough 'crafts' to make
and I could always use ONE MORE hobby!
Peeking inside to my clean room!

For a long, long, long (!!!) time, I had swooned over beautifully created
art journals that artists wrote about in books and posted online and and deep down,
I wished that I could do it too!

I already had some of the necessary supplies around the house
(why aren't you surprised?!)
but I was afraid to start!!!
I wasn't sure where to begin.

I had begun reading all sorts of blogs posted by journalers
and one day, I emailed a couple of bloggers asking how to start,
thinking it would be a good project for my homeschooling kids.
Well, Dawn graciously answered me (promptly), suggesting I buy an inexpensive sketch book and just start!
And so I did....

My creation
and I haven't stopped!

The thing about journaling is that it doesn't seem to take up too much space....

journaling items neatly tucked in a corner of my sewing table

and it is pretty easy to just lay some gesso
or slab some paint on the paper
or press a couple of stamps onto the surface
and walk away.

on cleaning day, I notice that my journaling supplies seem to have migrated!
well, some times, supplies tend to spread around the room!!!

Before I left on my quilting cruise,
I prepared a small journal by laying gesso on each spread,
painting it with acrylic paint,
adding some collage and stamps
and as I vacationed...
I doodled, journaled, and even glued in some souvenirs.

Travel Journal collaged

When I got home, I had some photos printed and added them.
Now it is fun to leaf through the pages!

My journals have been a place to write about good times...

Let the Good Times Roll!

try out a style that I have seen...


or mull something over...

One of those days!

Journaling has given me another outlet for creative expression.

This month, I have pledged to myself to at least work on my journal every day...


if you have been contemplating trying out a new technique,
a new craft, a new hairstyle,

I say.....

just DO IT!!!!

At home with my sewing utensils!