Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Up and Running...

(or What I did on my blog-cation- part 3)

Although winters can be looong and gloomy in upstate NY,
it is best to keep a positive outlook on the whole situation!

At least, that is what I kept telling myself,
as I shoveled the newly fallen 15 inches of snow 
on an already full snowbank at the front of our home.

shoveling at 6:30 AM

To keep a positive spin on the whole situation,
I generally kept my daily routine...

Many already think my early rising makes me a freak of nature

this is not the first time the alarm sounded

and that is....

Throughout my blog-cation,
I continued to set my alarm at 4:00 AM (which means that I do go to bed around 9:00 PM).

WHY??? you ask...
Well, if I get up before everyone else in the U family,
I have plenty of quiet time to read/sew/journal/drink coffee in peace
before I head to the gym!

Mondays bodycombat, Tuesdays and Thursdays bodypump
and the rest of the week, in the gym, I began to step up my running program.

Good morn

I started running faster and further!!!
One day early in the new year, I had a conversation with a gentleman that I often see at the gym on the weekends. He told me how he started running seriously several years ago but decided more recently, around age 50, to run in races. He encouraged me to try it out.

I thought about it for a while and when a flyer appeared in our gym
advertising the 5 mile Shamrock Shuffle sponsored by a local running club,
I figured I would give it a try!
I decided that I would wait to run outside when the roads were less dangerous for foot travel
but in the meantime, I added a bit of cross country skiing....
taking a spin on our XC skis

and when the weather intermittently improved,
I started running outside....

these shoes are made for running...

Last Sunday, I ran in my first race...

My first race (5 mi)- Shamrock Shuffle in Glens Falls NY

5 miles in slightly less than 45 minutes (though officially, it was 45:03)
and I placed 13th out of 26 women in my age class!

And as spring arrives, I can run more outside...

Woohoo! 6.29 mi in 55:10 min
(like the 6.29 miles I ran this Sunday in 55:10!)

Along with exercise, this past December, I celebrated a year of vegan-ism!
I became a vegetarian about 13 years ago
but when my doctor called me a couple years back after routine blood work to say that my triglycerides were slightly elevated (advancing age and family history strikes!), to which he added that diet and exercise would be the first course of action,
I decided it was time to truly watch what I was putting in my mouth!
I have become a much more adventurous cook and baker 
and no... I don't miss meat/eggs/milk/cheese at all! Really!

Even better, 
last summer when I, again, had a physical and blood work, 
my triglycerides had dropped to low normal!!!!

But as this winter descended upon us,
I was still unhappy with the way my clothing fit
and bathing suit weather was approaching faster than usual



I, again, decided to take action!!!!
I had always heard good things about Weight Watchers but didn't want to pay for the program, so I browsed the internet and found a website that calculated how many points would be appropriate to consume each day.
I then found a great app for my iPhone called iWatchr
and started really watching what went in my mouth and you know, it was portion size and the types of snacks I was eating that really changed.
Now about 10 pounds lighter (and very close to what I weighed prior to birthing Teen, Nature Boy and Sugarbaby!),
I feel great!!!

Closing in on 49 years later this month, I have never been healthier
and sometimes, taking some time off to focus on yourself
can be rewarding!!!!

I now realize that exercising early in the day and staying healthy 
keeps my brain running and has really helped my creative thinking and energy too!

And I guess...
 my blog is up and running again too!

At home with my sewing utensils!