Friday, August 14, 2009

Working, Cleaning, no particular order....

Busy place this "U" household!!!!

During the night, something or someone paid the U children a visit....

Hmmm... who visited us in the night?

On closer examination, it appears....

close up!

could it be????

Yes, I believe the 'clean-up fairy' popped by! And generous thing that she is, she left plenty of rules and a garbage bag or two. The U children were thrilled to pieces!!!!

She read the riot act, so to speak... clean up now or her back-up pal, the black garbage bag fairy, will pay a visit and the U kiddos will not be invited!!!!

U girls still working...

Of course, clothing that doesn't fit, toys no longer loved, books all ready are being collected for a potential garage sale later this summer/fall or donation.

Nature Boy cannot believe all that he has recovered/discovered in his room and closets! To date, I don't believe anything found has been formerly alive (and if it was, I don't want to know!)

Nature Boy has been hard at work

and definitely no bats!!!!!

While they toil, I am busy doing landlording stuff...


enjoying a fresh blueberry muffin (or two) ...

blueberry muffins for breakfast

and I have been hard at work spinning webs.....

more spinning to come... making a web is sloooow work!

Just a sneak peek (DQS7).... making webs is slooooow work!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!