Monday, August 24, 2009

Coming up for air!!!

gasp.... gasp!!! sputter!!!

It has been a busy week and I have not had enough time or anything intelligent worth posting lately.

But if you are ever trying to catch up with me, you can always find me on flickr (always downloading new photos, now even right from my IPhone!) or serving my latest addiction, Twitter (IPhone has a great free app called Twitterfon!)... just find me under...."upstatelisa"!!!!

Anyway, upstate NY finally moved into summer (albeit extremely late!) with hot, hazy, humid days....

Hot, hazy, humid at 7 am

and Sugarbaby and I spent a lot of time hanging out at our town pool, trying to stay cool...

love this shot!

rather than under the hot lights of my sewing room....

Heat generating sewing room lights (can you feel the heat?!!)

But with a deadline looming, I had to finish the baby quilt for my expectant cousin... and I did!!!!

baby quilt front

The back is almost as fun as the front!!!

back of the baby quilt

The aqua fabric is all my hand dyed fabrics! and of course, no fun quilt is complete without the obligatory polka dotted binding!!!!

closer look at the back of the baby quilt

I do know now (if I didn't all ready!) that straight stitch quilting takes a lot (A LOT!) longer than free motion quilting! and let me tell you, with stitching all those squares... there are an awful lot of loose thread ends to bury in the quilt.... OY!!!

But I will wrap it up soon and it will be heading with me up to my homeland this coming weekend!

Now... can you guess who is coming to pay us a visit???? I will give you a clue or two.... she is mean and clean!!!!

See you soon (somewhere in cyberland!)