Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yoohoo! I am still here!!!

I know it has been some time since I have blogged!

But boy, what a week or is it two that I have been out of sight?!

So let me catch you up.... (You might want to grab a cup of coffee first!)

Nature Boy discovered a robin's nest in one of our apple trees and we have been watching their progress. Nature Boy has to climb up into the tree to photograph the contents of the nest and I enjoy watching its evolution...

Evolution of a nest

This is by far my favorite photo....

Gimme some food!!!

Reminds me of my own kids....."Get me some food and now!!!"

Then, last week, Sugarbaby's school (about 400 kids in the '4/5 building') in conjunction with JDRF had a Walk to Cure Diabetes and this fundraiser brought in $12,000!!! No joke! We were all so pleasantly surprised!


Sugarbaby and I, along with her teacher and so many others appreciate all the support and the funds raised to research a cure for diabetes!

Teenager wrote her last exam on Friday and Nature Boy is, I guess, officially done with his homeschool studies but as time has passed, I realize more and more how every day can be an opportunity to learn!!! Quite amazing! Sugarbaby is just about done. She has three painfully short days (2 hours each day.. ugh!) this week.

What isn't so amazing is that Sloppy (aka Sugarbaby) and her older sister, Teenager with Lots of Stuff have struck again...

Girls' room... ugh!

and the three kids have spread their stuff into other parts of the house...

this was supposed to be cleaned off yesterday!

So, I have started posting chore lists on the TV (where Sugarbaby and Nature Boy would be more apt to see it)....

this is how I get chores done... post them on the TV!

and on the bathroom mirror in the kids' bathroom, where Teenager is surely to see it while primping...

so... I post a copy on the mirror in the kids' bathroom..

Still waiting........

And now for some quilty stuff....

Originally, I had no plans to attend this weekend's Vermont Quilt Festival, in spite of the fact that my good friends and traveling companions, Blogless Deb and Blogless Laura (did I mention quilting cruise?!), have been attending this show for years and taking classes, volunteering and shopping there, BUT my bloggy friend, Sarah, mentioned that she and her mom would be going on a bus trip with their guild to the show, so I figured it would be a great time to meet!

our trip to VQF

Great show!!!!

Vermont Quilt Festival mosaic

And it was so much fun meeting Sarah face-to-face!!!!

fabric from VQF

Sugarbaby, who accompanied me, (not sure if it had anything to do with the chore list she spotted on the TV first thing in the morning) and I had a real blast!!!!!

gifts from Sarah

Sarah and her mom were so much fun to be with! I know that when I get my passport (sigh) and make it home (Sarah lives in my hometown), we will surely be seeing each other!!! And Louise, if you buy that B&B, I will be there... you know I will!!!!!

pattern and accessories from VQF

Okay, so I am walking through the show and I hear someone say, "Are you Upstatelisa?!"

My very own bus

Well, I suppose, I have been waiting for that moment but never really expected it! So, I turn toward the speaker and realize that it is another bloggy friend, Joanna, from NH!!!! How fun!!!! If she was feeling better, I would have had a photo taken of the two of us! Hope you are resting today, Joanna!!!!

The bloggy world and the wonderful world of flickr are just amazing places to meet some absolutely fabulous people!!!

And finally (phew... let me catch my breath!), I finished the baby quilt for Sugarbaby's teacher, who is expecting her first child (a boy) in early September. I used Kona Cotton 'earth' and my blue hand dyes...

baby quilt done! (front)

and added a few pieces of Kona Cotton on the back...

baby quilt done!

I really wanted Mrs. M to know how much we have appreciated her! She, as I have mentioned before, also has type 1 diabetes, and has been such a great role model for Sugarbaby. Sugarbaby has become so independent in her diabetes care over the years, it is amazing (she now inserts her own insulin pump sites with a 17 mm needle into her belly!).

Well, maybe you have all ready dozed off from my rattling on! I have some more to show but will spread it out during the week!

and hey, Happy Summer!!!
Ahhh! summer!