Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pardon me while I crunch....

Amongst the many groups I belong to online is KQI (Kindred Quilters International) comprised of 4 lovely quilters around the world (Canada, Australia, Hungary, and USA). We began our first swap and I just received my package from my bloggy friend, Sarah, who happens to live in my hometown, north of the border (small world)!!!

Look what just arrived from the Great White North!

And she knows me well enough now, to know of my fondness for Crunchie bars (not available here in upstate NY!.... Only in Canada you say? pity!- you have to have grown up with Red Rose tea commercials to know that phrase- though I know the bars are British, I believe)....

Some of my beloved Crunchie bars

I just couldn't resist last night....crunch....chocolate....crunch....toffee.....

mmmm... Crunchie Bar!

But this beauty knocked my socks off!!!!!!!!!!!!


Isn't this wonderful!??????????????? Thank you so much Sarah!!!! It is all ready hanging in a spot of distinction on my sewing room wall!!!! Sarah and I hope to meet soon at the Vermont Quilt Festival (anyone else gonna be there Saturday?) and when my passport finally arrives (yes, it is a requirement to get back into the US from Canada now....home is only 4 1/2 hrs away.... so silly!), I will go visit with her again!

Nature Boy's update.... last night.... shells are beginning to crack!

the latest on the robins' eggs

Crunch.... crunch.....mmmmmmmmmm......

mmmm... Crunchie Bar!

I spotted this swirl this morning....

Swirls of pollen dancing around a puddle

Isn't it pretty? It just happens to be pollen in a rain puddle at the end of our driveway which I spotted upon my return from the gym. It is possible to find beauty on a gray day!

Have a good.... crunch.... day!!!

Just in!!!! At almost 1:00 PM EST, Nature Boy took a peek and this wee chick is just entering the world!!! More to come......
popping out to say hi!