Friday, August 1, 2008


pronunciation: (kou" u-bung 'gu) Interj.
(a yell of exhilaration, mainly used by surfers)

Nature Boy feels that way!

and so do I!!!
The skies have opened up!!! Woohoo!

I have been unable to use the computer in any functional way for the last day and half. After contacting my Internet service provider this morning (hi Cyrus in the Philippines!), I concluded that it was our wireless router that we have connected (which has our kids' laptop connected to our computer/ISP basically). So I then contacted that company, and with the patience and understanding of Steve in India, we now have great internet service. Many, many thanks to Steve!!!!!!

You have no idea how elated I am (and so is my family)


The only down side.... I have a really sore left wrist from holding the phone to my ear for over 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have finished my doll quilt for the latest swap, DSQ4...
laundered for increased wrinkliness...
quilted (as seen on the back) with a label for ????

and ready to go!!!!
Also, completed my cupcake swap goodies but won't show these as I know Brigette probably has taken a peek on my blog!

The binding on the main project ....
reminds me alot of licorice allsorts!!!!!

My paternal grandmother always had a bowl of these when we visited her in her home in Toronto (Dad's hometown) and I loved them. Trouble is... I couldn't find any in the stores here(boohoo) so I had to find a photo online!

And now....
baby zigzag quilt is wrapped (Grandma will deliver it to NYC on her trip there to see the new babe) and DQS4 and Cupcake swap packages have now been posted!

I am caught up on all my immediate deadlines... so stay tuned... now I can have fun!!!!

Tonight, Sloppy is off to her first real concert!!!! Avril Lavigne (she was Teenager with lots of stuff's first concert and we have even visited her hometown of Napanee!) and the extremely popular Jonas Brothers are playing at SPAC!!! She is so darn excited!!!!! We first learned of the Jonas Brothers because the youngest member of the band, Nick, has type 1 diabetes like Sloppy but she is much more enamored with Joe, I think. It will be me, dh, and a whole lot of parents with screaming pre teens!!!!!Hope the rain holds off! Will report back!