Monday, June 2, 2008

S[e]rging ahead!!!!

Okay, Jenny seems perfectly normal to the eye, right? Good looking, modern, shiny, new!

But all is not well on the western front!!!! I am having serging anxiety!!!!!

That is what Nancy says, I say otherwise!!!!!

Doesn't this look intimidating!!!!
Threading is sooooo tricky!!! and I knew something was wrong because threads were breaking, needles were coming unthreaded, fabric was pulling, too much loopiness .... ACK!!!!!

And I was just practicing!!!!!

Reading through the manual wasn't helping much either!
Black and white illustrations!!! Come on, this is the 21st century!!!!

As I adjusted it...
the tension just kept building!!!!!!!!!!!! Double ACK!!!!! What a headache!!!!

And I was still just practicing!!!!
Eventually, I couldn't even see straight!!!
Neither could my camera!!!! OY!!!!

So.... I called my trusty Janome saleslady, Nancy, this morning, drove Jenny half hour in the car to the shop....
oooohhhh... That is the lever, huh? We rethreaded a couple of threads, changed a needle (I took notes in my black/white manual) and it was sewing like a charm!!!
But, I am still a little intimidated. It will be a while before I am serging with confidence!

Over the weekend, Messy Marvin made a birdhouse...
He is starting early as a landlord....
but I hear rent is cheap.

Just like I told you... I love these fruits.
The photo was taken yesterday. Now the bowls are empty!!!!

And, remember that tree with the white blossoms that I posted earlier???
Yup, this is it... pink blossoms now. They will start to fade soon and turn brown. Still, does anyone know yet what this tree is?

and lastly (see...I told you that talking was an admirable trait),
I saw this car on the side of the road but couldn't actually stop mid road to take a still photo. Just thought it was a cool color for a car!

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