Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I had no idea how much bloggy love there was out there!!! And how many truly wacky people there are!!!! I got well over 30 comments including one email from a blogless new friend (hi Sandy!).

Just by coincidence, my youngest brought home a belated Mother's Day gift for me that she made in art at school and I love homemade gifts!!!!!

It comes in pieces...

a lid

a bottom coaster-like piece that is posting sideways
and the piece de resistance....
it comes at a good time....

to hold all the comments cut up....

and my young assistant (alias the 'artiste')
draws a name (I am so nervous!!!!)
Gosh.... looky here!!!!

Congratulations Stacy!!! You had better send me your snail mail addy to me again!!!!!

I will be offline for a few days but I hope that all my bloggy friends, new and old, keep coming back for more. This was so much fun that I will try not to wait until my next 100 posts to have a giveaway... although at the rate that I talk, that might not be too long!!!!!