Sunday, June 8, 2008

Outta State for Upstatelisa

Did you realize that I was gone!????

Yup, we went on a little road trip to Pittsburgh for a long weekend! Not everyone would want to vacation in Pittsburgh but there is history here for us.... and a course... and a chance to get away.

We have not been to Pittsburgh since we left June 30, 1999 for upstate NY. My two youngest were born in the 'burgh and don't remember much. My oldest was finishing kindergarten when we left and so seeing sites around town brought back memories.

We didn't actually live right in Pittsburgh, but spent our time in a cute little boro along the Allegheny River... Oakmont.
Home to us for 3 years and home to a lot of other places... like the Oakmont Country Club which has hosted US Open Golf Championships .

We spent our time in this cute little house...
typical of the 'burgh... brick, on a hill, on street parking.. but cute! and some great memories!

Little did we know that the Stanley Cup Playoffs was in town.... (sorry to my nephew who is a Ottawa Senators fan!)...

and the Mellon Arena was right across the street from our hotel!!! Who knew?!!!
We are not hockey fans so the mania was amusing to us.

A lot of crazy Penguins fans in front of our hotel....

and on the street....
We preferred the penguins in the Highland Park Zoo, though (cute and cool... it was 94 degrees!!!!!).
Staying in downtown Pittsburgh was new to us. I saw the city through different eyes. My next few posts will probably feature some architecture, views of the city at night, and some of the sites we saw at the zoo/aquarium and museum of natural history. Pretty cool stuff! I looove my camera!!!!

Needless to say, I have not touched my fabric or sewing machines in a few days. This week is a busy one with a baby shower being hosted at our house next weekend. I have a lot of cleaning and preparing to do! Plus a few deadlines for swaps and end-of-the-year gifts for well deserving school staff.

Back soon!!!!