Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Quilters are Coming!

One of our guild members has a few quilts displayed in a window of her office downtown announcing... "the quilters are coming!", and Yes, tomorrow, our little town is going to be filled with quilters who have come to see Ricky Tims and his friends, Alex Anderson and Libby Lehman.

Some of us were asked to contact the downtown merchants to display our quilts in their windows. Lucky me, my SIL works at the coffee shop downtown and so we hung up some of the quilts the other day. Today, I was downtown with hubby and my new compact camera (I am having so much fun with it!!!!) and checked to see how they looked.

It is difficult to photograph through a window but here they are.

On the left is my hawaiian shirt quilt that I made for hubby a few Christmases ago. It is paper pieced (a pattern I found at Paper Panache) and the collars actually stick out. I love it. He affectionately calls it his 'towel'. The quilt on the right belongs to my friend, deathly-afraid-of-spiders, blogless, just returned from Florida, Deb.

Another view of the 'towel'. Inside the coffee shop, we also hung a few more... this one usually hangs in my girls' room. It won a third place ribbon at our last quilt show.

This is a pattern by Karen Eckmeier, using coffee fabrics, that I made for my SIL, the 'barista'.
This is one of my favorites! It was a round robin that our small Sunday friendship worked on. I created the cabins and trees in the center and then 4 other women added to this quilt (and I quilted it). It usually hangs in our bedroom, above our bed, and it looks strangely bare there right now. It looks great on this painted wall!

We bopped down to the wine store to check to see if they had hung my Cheers quilt.
Another blurry, through-the-window shot.

Back at home, I am pinning a scrap quilt....
and I need a break so I am working on another wonky house for my growing collection.