Wednesday, April 23, 2008


or how I write on quilts....

cheers \'chirz\ interj--1. friendly remark said before starting to drink an alcoholic beverage. 2. an informal farewell remark. 3. exclamation expressing gratitude.

As I began, stitching in the ditch of my "Cheers" quilt,
a free pattern from Pat Sloan, I was trying to think of ways to add interest to my quilt. I came up with an idea to add words, 'cheers' in different languages and I thought I would tell you how I go about doing this....

Firstly, I practice writing out the word in cursive lettering, using a pencil and paper. Some of the forming of the letters will need to be altered, as when you sew you don't have the luxury of lifting your needle off the fabric to dot an 'i' or cross a 't'.... (more about that later!)
I try to get the feel and the movement so that I can transfer that movement to needle and thread. My needle becomes my pencil, and my fabric becomes my paper....

Then I am off!!! Just like when you start free motion quilting, I use my quilting/darning foot, feed dogs down. I usually use a microtex needle, size 80/12.Okay, so I pull my bobbin thread through to start and do a few anchoring stitches in place before I begin 'writing'.

Then I start...
I move my fabric to form the letters just like I practiced on paper. I am making my letters relatively small (about 1 - 1 1/2" tall or so).

Sorry my photos aren't more clear... I thought of this idea to share with you in the 11th hour! and my photography assistants were not interested in helping!

Just like all of you who quilt flowers, stars, squiggles, etc., I am just making letters on my quilts!

Here are some of my words all ready quilted... 'prosit' (German).
As you can see, like I mentioned before, 'i' and 't' can be a little tricky.

Let me demonstrate my technique using pencil and paper (easier to see anyway)... I move my pencil/needle up...

as I got to the top of the 'i', I begin to form a little circle for the 'dot' and around...

and then move my needle back down.
Voila, as they say!
For the 't', I form the 'line' up to the top,

go back down half way,
move my needle to the left slightly, back in to the middle,
out to the right slightly, and then back to the middle
and down.

I really should have used a slightly different colored thread. This is the thin first border. I wrote 'cheers' all around the quilt with a squiggle before the word, a squiggle after the word and then a wine goblet.
Another example, of 'cheers'....
This it the quilt back... (it says cheers).

You can see the formation of the letters pretty clearly on the black backing. (it says 'l'chaim'- hebrew- and 'fisehatak'- if I read backwards right, it is Arabic)
Here is 'l'chaim' (Hebrew- to life!)....

and a close up of my squiggle into a wine goblet.
You should always practice first... as they say, 'practice makes perfect', right? Here is my version of a beer stein...

On Wednesday, I received a package in the said "doll quilt swap" on the back of the box...

beautifully wrapped....

with a little card....and some goodies!!!

I love the way the quilt is rolled!
Purple passion!!! Love it!

Since 'cheers' can also mean an exclamation expressing gratitude, I say, "Cheers!" to Tracy for the lovely doll quilt and other goodies!!!

Cheers to all of you as well! I think I need a drink!!!

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