Friday, May 2, 2008

Snap Happy!

I am having a grand ol' time hauling (yeah right) my new compact camera around and snapping photos of this and that!

This tree in front of our house is starting to flower.

I am preparing some goodies for our nephew/cousin to be. I was at Joann's this morning and picked up something to make but I can't tell you what (just in case my expecting SIL reads this).
Joann's now sells some cute Debbie Mumm prints.

My barista SIL gave me a gift certificate for my birthday to a local bookstore so I went browsing there this morning.
I was hoping to find something in the arts/crafts genre but didn't find anything, so I picked up this book.
I have been hoping to start a garden for the last year or so. Our backyard needs some work so am not sure if it will get planted in time, but here's hoping and planning.

Okay, now to the good stuff!!!
My latest wonky house!!! I tried out a new style roof....

One of these things is not like the of these things doesn't belong..... Can you guess which one????
If you guess this one.... then you are right!

I was making another scrappy log cabin block for Melly and Me's scrappy log cabin challenge (I have got a ways to go!), but I am using my freezer paper piecing method...

The thing is, I am having trouble counting!!! I was going around the block and somehow missed adding a log on one side (you can see very clearly on the left side that there should be three logs on that side but instead there is only two... must be my coveted scraps of Mama's feedsack fogged my brain a bit!)

If you are really good, you also noticed that this is the first block that doesn't have polka dots in the center. I am branching out so to speak LOL (I didn't even realize the pun at first).

I am trying to keep my polka dots for another project, my Dear Jane Gone Insane (thanks blogless Deb- are you ready!?).

Have a good weekend!!!