Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Fair!!!!! (It's April 16th....)

My sister is 1 year and 354 days younger than me. Which means that her birthday, which she celebrates today (did you get my phone message 'from' the 'scooter store'? you are getting on, ya know!), falls 11 days before mine. So what???

Well, when I was little (not sure how old), I would get soooo angry (like tears and tantrums angry) that she would have her birthday and its associated celebrations before mine in April and I WAS OLDER!!! How dare she!!! No fair!!! I, apparently, carried on (as only I could do...maybe that is where my youngest gets it from...hmmm...)

These days, it isn't a big deal... (I mean I spotted our first gray hair ON HER HEAD at the hair salon on the day of my wedding!)

Barb and I are very different, but as we have matured, we have found common ground and have become great friends. Barb is a lover of books, particularly Jane Austen, and as a kid she was always reading (at some point, I wanted an older brother just so I would have someone to play ball with me!). She has a great sense of humor. She even persevered my teasing, practical jokes and who knows what! She is a hard worker, great 'mum' (as we say in the 'old country'), great daughter (is that really you- 'near tears in Henderson' in Dear Abby yesterday???), great sister (a middle child with all its middle child crap!) and great friend. And she has about the curliest hair of anyone I know!!!!

Happy Birthday, Barb!!! These are dresses that my paternal grandmother smocked and made for us.
Aren't you glad I dug this one up???? This is my sister and I dressed in costume (red/white) to walk in the Canada Day parade sometime in the late 1970s. I think it poured that day, didn't it? Love those specs!!!!!
It is still spring break in NY!!!! Yesterday, I didn't touch any of my sewing stuff!!! I spent the day with the kids shopping for clothes (my son keeps growing taller!!!) and chauffering my oldest to various venues around town!

Today, I have decided... sewing etc in the a.m.

Some of the quilting for the Doll Quilt Swap...
(ew! the color is off in this one!)..
and the binding...

and after I take my oldest to her job, I will spend the afternoon outdoors pondering our backyard and the possibilities (we are supposed to have great weather today!).