Thursday, April 17, 2008

We are expecting!!!!!

Not me!!!! I am beyond my child-bearing years!!!!

We call my son, "Nature Boy", for good reason. He loves the outdoors.... camping, hiking, bike riding, playing in the snow, and he loves wildlife (maybe because he must belong to one of their genus!). So, now that it is spring... spring means frogs!!! He walked down to a nearby stream to collect his annual glob of eggs.
Some all ready have tails!!!
and before you know it, they will be hopping around (we have had little tiny ones escape from the tank in a past spring and found them hopping around the kitchen!).

Spring is here!!! The grass is finally turning green!!!
Spring also means spring cleaning. Now, I am by no means a neat freak (well, I was in my 20s, but then I met hubby... and had kids... and started quilting...). Anyway, last night, I was helping the kids change their linens on their beds and I found crap/toys/stuff strewn all around their bedrooms, under their beds, everywhere!!!

So, I declared....

until their rooms are clean (and I mean, Mom-approved clean!!!).

I have started taking a new class at the gym, RPM. Great workout! Very sweaty! But my delicate derriere doesn't have the appropriate padding to withstand an almost hour class on their wretchedly hard bike seat. So, I invested in a gel bike seat to put on top...
Hope it helps!!

I got this great bumper sticker in a Quick Quilts magazine several years ago. I didn't want to put it permanently on my car, so this past fall, I ran it through my laminating/magnet cartridge of my xyron and plopped it on the back of my car.
Alas, it is beginning to wear away (darn those tough Adirondack winters!). I need a new one!!! Or one equally witty.

Being a blogaholic, I love to read other crafty people's blogs and recently, discovered several bloggers (Fairbanks Fancy Goods, Stacy) participating in a Dear Baby Jane project. It sounded like a fun thing to do. So, I emailed Anina, the hostess/organizer, to ask a variety of questions, as I pondered whether to join in. As this went on, my friend, deathly-afraid-of-spiders Deb, emailed me that she had come upon a crazy idea... and guess what it was??? Yup, the same. So... the two of us are going to get started soon. We have a little catching up to do!!!! Like I need another project.

I have decided to do it in very non-traditional colors... I love black and white (in case you didn't know!) and Deb has all ready come up with a name for the quilt (even though I haven't started it!)... Dear Jane Goes Insane!!!!!!

I talked to my sister this morning. It sounds like she had a great birthday, got lots of goodies!!! She deserves them.

She was a little surprised to see this photo in print...
so... in the interest of preventing retaliation, here Barb is a precious photo of me....
sweet, huh? LOL!!!!Circa 1974. Plaid pants and shrinky vests must have been all the rage... or it could be that we were a little behind the times, as we were not very fashion in-the-know!!!

Have a great day, everyone!!!!