Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Still Spring Break- for some

I might ordinarily say "Thank Goodness It's Friday!" but seeing that it has been spring break all week for the kids, the weekdays don't seem much different than the weekends!!! Like most weekdays, I got up this morning at 4:30. I went to the gym -took another RPM class. But when I got home, the kids were still in bed.

Actually, it has been a pretty good week. My son finished cleaning his room and my girls have some more work to do... clothes are everywhere! I got the kitchen and family room tidied up.

The weather has been great! It is supposed to hit 80 degrees this afternoon!

I spent a good deal of yesterday afternoon outside, fighting with our overgrown bushes/hedges/plants, still pondering what to do in our backyard.
It was warm enough for t-shirts and I donned a pair of capris but maybe I shouldn't have!!! Ouch!My lower legs now have scratches to match the scratches on my arms.

A question....when you sew/quilt, do you take off your shoe? I know that my friend Janey does. I do too! I can't seem to feel the pedal well enough with a shoe on. But I usually have a sock on so my foot doesn't get cold!

I am almost done my doll quilt for the swap. Some of the work that people are doing is amazing... check it out!

I finished the quilting - stitch in the ditch- but this morning, I looked at this little quilt. It seemed a little bare between blocks. So I sketched a flower, similar to some in the fabrics, and added flowers to the quilt.

From the front...

and the back....
The binding is on the front. Just have to sew it to the back and make a label!