Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Yaaaaaawn.....nothing really exciting to say....

Definitely not the most exciting day.
No creating art in my studio or at home
but I did work on creating a blog post today 
(not quite 30 out of 31... but pretty darn close!)

I spent a whole lot of time (5+ hours)
sitting on my derriere in the car
in the midst of dense fog of the Berkshire Mountains...

on my way to and from picking up Sugarbaby at camp.

Camp at this time of the year, you ask?!
Well, as many of you know
at the ripe old age of 6 1/2,
 Sugarbaby was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes...

... no family members with type 1 diabetes
....not sure how it exactly happened
...but it did.

And so our life took on a new kind of normal
filled with vials of insulin,
test strips,
insulin pumps.

I am not going to lie and say that it has been all lollipops and gumdrops...
navigating teenagehood is tough enough 
but add a chronic "illness"
and it is downright ugly at times.

So I am thankful that there are camps like the one
at the Barton Center...

(at the birthplace of Clara, herself)

even just for 4 days over Christmas vacation,
where Sugarbaby connects with all kinds of teens 
who like to have fun 
and just happen to have type 1 diabetes.

Next month,
it will be the 94 years since the first patient 
received insulin to treat type 1 diabetes!!!

Diabetes has apparently been in our blood for a while!

My paternal great uncle Sam studied (or perhaps acted as a gopher?)
under the direction of one or both of the researchers who discovered insulin
and I found a book he published with a colleague
at an online rare books website...
(rare probably cuz there can't be many copies...
the topic seems a bit dry lol)
so I bought it...

(probably why diabetics "count carbs" and why their mothers nag them to do so!)

There is also a book written about another 
early user of insulin,
whose  important father was born in the house beside 
our first "landlording" house

clearly it is time for me to step back into the studio,
stop writing poetry 
and boring blog posts

so I have something exciting to say!!!