Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Swirling as a cinnamon girl...

I couldn't find anything interesting to talk about 
even after yesterday's rendition of These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Maybe it's because I don't have much creative to post about today...
I spent a good deal of time shoveling my way out of  my parking spot
when the wet snow got packed under my car 
as I attempted to back out...

(maybe the motorcycle wouldn't have been such a bad idea)

and by the time I broke free, 
I was drenched from the rain (not snow!)

and then I had a 3 hour lunch with an old friend!!!

So back at the ranch....
when I opened up my new bread maker
that Nature Boy gave me for the holidays...

it made me think of a fellow Canuck and his song,

I am sure you are scratching your head...
and are now convinced that the madness of last night 
has continued!!!


I looooooooove the taste of cinnamon!!!
I especially loooooove the taste of cinnamon bread!!!

Luckily my new bread machine came with a recipe
for cinnamon swirl bread....

that's when tune of Cinnamon Girl started singing in my head!!!

"..I wanna live 
with my cinnamon swirl
I could be happy 
The rest of my life
with a cinnamon swirl...."

Don't say I didn't warn you....

Step away from the microphone!

(PS ...one of my blog readers (I think I have a few)
 asked if I would 
post about my studio and working there...
great idea, Kathy!
I just have to get there!!!
so stay tuned.....)