Friday, February 13, 2015

Shave like a......

Man Artisan....

Are you an original artist????
Or the sensitive type???

I knew that my can of "original" shaving cream at the studio was almost empty
so when I was at the store recently, 
I grabbed another can
not knowing that I had selected the "sensitive" type.

Well okay, I am kinda sensitive!

But why would I even have shaving cream at my studio????

to shave with, of course! 

As in ... "to cut or scrape away the surface of with a sharp-edged tool"

This kind of 'shaving' requires a flat surface on which to work
I used a lid from a large plastic tote...

(on the floor, of course!)

I squeezed out a large amount of shaving cream 

(Barbasol works well...
you can decide if you want to be 'original' or 'sensitive'
but not sure 'soothing aloe' will fit the bill though)

onto the lid....

(probably more than I needed to)

and shmushed it around with my hand. 

Later on, I got smart and squeezed out a smaller amount of shaving cream
and shaaaaaaved it out with a rubber scraper. 

I started with my All-purpose inks...

dripping a variety of colors onto the shaving cream...

and moved it up and down, and side to side with a marbling comb
in an original way..

 I placed the fabric (here I used canvas) 
down on the inky mess
and patted it down gently...

and carefully pulled it off...

 (only so I didn't get ink all over the place). 

I used some watercolor paper and 
pulled off the rest of the ink too.

I used a rubber blade tool,
like a small squeegee 

and shaaaaaaved off all the shaving cream
and voila!!!

On the second go-around,
I used the same type of inks
but a different color palette on cotton fabric...

did some fancier swirls...

with a most sensitive flourish!

you can see the marbling comb I used 
in the bottom right of this photo...

(warning: the marbling comb can make you extremely sensitive
if you poke yourself!)

I used my acrylic inks..

and more drips...

and loads of swirls, slashes, and doodles...

with cotton ...

and paper...

and hands....

and sensitivity (just saying)

and ended with this...

Once the fabric seemed reasonably dry,
I heat set it...

with parchment paper on top
in case some of the color came off.

Now I am not sure what I am going to do with all my
clean shaven fabrics and paper

but I did run some textile paint over a thermofax screen
on a corner of the fabric....

stay tuned to see what happens next!

By the way,
while both types of shaving cream work well,
the 'sensitive' type has a most pleasant smell
when cleaning up!

And for goodness sake,
 if you can't shave like an artisan,
 shave like a man!