Monday, February 9, 2015

Who is that???!!!!!

Faster than a shaving boy-man.....

(Before shoveling)

(After shoveling)
Me: "I got this entire driveway cleared in the time it took you to get ready for work!"
Nature Boy (a boy-man): "Well I had to shave."

More powerful than a teen-aged girl in her room on a snow day!

Me: "I'm going out to shovel, if you want to come out and help...
Her: "                                 "
... apparently, she had fallen back to sleep!

Able to leap between ...


French knots

knitting cables

taking funny photos of the birds at our feeder

and shoveling.

in a single day!!!!

Who is that?!!!!!

It's just me.....

but shhhhh......

 I used to be Superwoman!