Thursday, January 29, 2015

A creature of habit?????

Lately, I have been reading (actually listening to) The Power of Habit 
which I came across somewhere on the internet while browsing aimlessly (a bad habit!!! lol) ...

I started thinking about the many habits and/or routines that I have...

and also the ones I want to institute or change....

For the past many years, 
I have endeavored to get up early (like before the 'birds-get-up early') to exercise.
Most people think I am crazy but apparently, there are a number of other people
that exhibit the same behavior because I see them at the gym!


Firstly, I have never been one to sleep late
and secondly, if I am done by 6:30-7:00 AM, 
I have my entire day ahead of me!

This is most often followed by a shower and breakfast 
(often made up of my favorite smoothies from this book

and then the next couple of hours (give or take)
are devoted to hitting the books with this fella....

Of course, habits and routines may be changed out of necessity
and then...????

Now that Nature Boy is gainfully employed at a downtown eatery
during the day, 
our school day starts early
(like right 'after-my-shower early')
and I have a lot more free time to play during the middle of the day...
(okay, occasionally I could clean ... naw!!!!!)

So I should be churning out all sorts of magnificent pieces of art....

(I did get my art challenge 'writing' and weekly prompt "words with friends" done for 
all the stitching I did on a new project is now unstitched...

(grrrrr... I was just not happy with it!)

but I have not created anything new and earth shattering yet
and all this free time seems to pass quickly 
without too much accomplished.

I am beginning to believe that it takes a looooong time to get 
the "productive habit" ingrained!

Some times,
I actually create daily reminders to start a new habit...

that ding and/or flash on my phone screen
(and I may or may not ignore it)...

or I use apps as an attempt to change a habit...

but I can habitually keep trying, right?

(or just ramble on about it...)