Wednesday, January 8, 2014

brrrrr-ing in the new year!

Like most of the continent of North America, our little corner of upstate NY encountered some interesting weather in the first week of 2014...
 a foot of snow..frigid temperatures.. warm up and pouring rain,.. and back to frigid weather....

So, I have been hunkering down in my cleaned up studio and creating!!!

I don't create resolutions but after a pretty moody, rollercoaster ride last year, 
I have resolved to let go of those paralyzing feelings and embrace...

(created with my hand dyed fabrics)
Inspired by Victoria.

I also hope to blog more (I miss the blogging world!)

This year, I joined Life Book 2014
and as part of our first day's warm up..

we had a meditation 
in which my word for the year appeared!!!

and then we had a lesson with Tam in which we tried our hands at creating our angel/guardian.

I am doing my work on individual sheets of watercolor paper
and will bind them together at the end of the year.

I haven't finished this week's activity which was facilitated by Micki Wilde but will post it later this week (I hope.)

In the meantime, I am finishing up my latest challenge 
with my online group, Tangled Textiles....

and Janet chose

so I am trying to finish this project by Sunday,
when it is due (after we all agreed on an extension.)

Of course,
I waited until the last minute to begin my piece
and it looks nothing like my original plan!
I tend to get an idea in my head
and I let my brain cells kick around the concept for awhile
(I rarely create a sketch or two)
and usually, the end product is
completely dissimilar from the original plan.
This time is no exception!

I might have a second piece in the works as well,

depending on whether my vision can be translated to fabric.

And whether I just run of time or steam.

Stay warm!!!