Friday, January 10, 2014

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

or in my situation....

when life gives you snow.....

snow dye fabric!!!

I saw a couple of posts on Facebook yesterday about ice and snow dyeing
and so, I thought to myself,
"Self! what a great idea!"

Above are the fruits of yesterday's labors.

Since some of these fabrics turned out so well,
I figured I had better take advantage of the snow again today
since freezing rain and rain are in the forecast!

While soaking my fabrics in a soda ash solution,
I prepared my dyeing stations and collected some snow.

Inspired by tutorials that Lynn linked to on her Facebook page,
I set up a square tub with several overturned yogurt containers...

and then laid a piece of plastic canvas (is that what it's called?)
on top....

Next, I folded and bunched my fabrics on top of the plastic...

and covered it with a big pile of  snow...

and finally, I sprinkled a variety of my left over fiber reactive dye powders on top....

The fabrics from yesterday's trial look pretty cool...

In my other container, I used the parfait method...
starting with a piece of fabric,

followed by a plop of snow, 
and a sprinkle of dye.

I did several layers ....

My first parfait was not so remarkable

but I am trying it again.

Now, the containers will percolate all day and night

until all the snow is melted.

Just remember to take precautions when use dyes and protect yourself!

Snow dyeing is a serious business!!!

and not particularly glamorous either :-)