Sunday, December 29, 2013

Finally done!

Welcome to my cozy studio!!!

I used to call it my sewing room but
I do so much non-sewing supplies in there 
that I have come to call it my studio!!

As you open the French doors,
you can see my sewing nook, 
work station, lounging area and
some of my storage....

Mr. U made me a cutting table many years ago.
It is well loved and used all the time. When not in use,
it often becomes a place to make incredible piles 
of who knows what!

The desk is a later addition.
I now have my laptop there 
for doing my landlord paperwork, etc.

From the desk, you can see some of my knick knacks
on one of the built-in shelves Mr. U constructed, 
as well as some of the art I have displayed
and lots of my mixed media supplies.

and finally....
my floor-to-ceiling built-in shelves, also constructed by Mr. U,
that hold my fabric, mixed media supplies, 
a plethora of books and so much more!

Some of the art on the wall was made by me, 
however, much of the art on the desk side of the studio is
from online swaps and online friends which I covet!

Of course, I could always use more storage space
and more wall space for display
but I am fortunate to have my own studio space!

So... now I am ready to create!
I have a quiltie to make for our Tangled Textiles blog
which is due at the end of January after we decided 
to extend the deadline.

I also enrolled in Life Book 2014
and I am about ready to get started!!!

Now to enjoy my clean and cozy nook!