Sunday, February 24, 2013

Can I interest you??????

Have you ever checked out the Urban Dictionary?!

Well, I looked up the definition of enable and I guess this is what I am about to do....

enable23 up12 down
to encourage bad behavior, habits, etc.
Erin's parents enable her and her brother by giving them cigarettes just after he had just quit smoking. If you're a smoker or have other addictions and have parents like hers, don't count on quitting because they will just lure you back into your old addictions.

I don't think I am that kind of parent (and I don't smoke!),
so I won't try to get you to try

My dear online friend, Laura, recently asked if I could do a blog post about my art journaling...
 how it all began and the tools that I use.

 So here it is....

It all began over 50 years ago now...

  Lisa in Bassinette

Actually, my entrance into the world of art journaling began just a few years ago.
I had been perusing magazines, websites, and blogs for a couple of years
mesmerized by the beautiful art journal pages that people created.

I had some favorite art journalers I followed...
and the list goes on.

Well, I got a little daring and emailed a couple art journalists
asking how I could start... I felt stuck and unable to figure out 
what to do first.

Dawn Sokol responded by telling me to just get myself an inexpensive journal, 
some craft paint and a pen and just try it.

And so... 
this is my first journal spread....

do it!

and before you know it,
I was having loads of fun creating art journal pages!

A collage of many of the pages from my very first art journal!

What they neglect to mention is that art journaling is not for the faint of heart...
it is a messy business!

adding new hobbies which create a mess!

but fun!

Just like any other craft hobby,
you really don't need many supplies to start 
but it doesn't stop me from buying loads of new things to try!!!!

My go-to supplies include...


Can't live without gesso!

You can buy cheap or expensive brands. 
You will develop preferences.

 I like to coat my journal pages first with gesso

gessoed (is that really a word?) a spread in my art journal

I like the surface it provides before I add color
however, I also find it is not always friendly to some of my pens
(nor are some of the other additions like paint,'s a learning thing).

After the gesso dries,
I add acrylic paint (again cheap or expensive)

acrylic craft paint

and you will want to experiment with the implements you use to apply the paint...
paint brushes, expired credit cards, baby wipes, etc.

Once your budget allows, 
you can add other means of color to your journal background 
(or foreground too)...

some more goodies to write and/or color with

Once your color is dry,
you can add all kinds of collage items...

lotsa scraps of paper and fiber 

paper, magazine pictures, stickers, fiber, ephemera
(the possibilities are endless!)

Rain Rain Rain Rain

Of course, if you are going to glue on 'stuff',
you will need more supplies...

some other good goop to have around!

    I typically use gel medium (matte or semi gloss)
or some times, if the surface will accept it 
and when I add photos, I will use a scrapbook adhesive tape roller

Luckily, I didn't give away all my rubber stamps from 
my short-lived scrapbooking days!

one drawer of stamps

Stamps are fun to use on journal pages!

ink pads

I love Stazon ink and Ranger Distress inks too!

After this addiction settled in,
I discovered the art of carving your own stamps...

home made rubber stamp tools

 and I loooooove my spray inks!!!
I love to use sprays/mists!

you can just spray on your paper as a background or foreground
or you can spray through stencils (loads of fun to collect!)

And then I usually wrap it all up with some text...

some of my favorite pens and markers

using a variety of my favorite pens (Faber-Castell, Pigma Micron)
or gel pens.

 if you are in the market for a new craft hobby,
I am your enabler!!!!

(PS in my next post, I will do a step-by-step of a recent journaling page!)