Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yo Amy...

If you have followed my blog (when I actually used to post regularly),
you will know that I have been a gym-goer for many years
and I am there pretty early in the day. 

After some changes to my old gym,
I decided to try out a new place.
I have been going there for over a year....
it has lots of machines 
but unfortunately, no classes 

and no bandanas!!!

What? ... you say.
Well, for a few years, I have been folding up bandanas
 and wearing them on my head
indoors and outdoors to
(1) keep my short hair off my face, 
(2) soak up the sweat on my head

(and even occasionally keeping my ears warm!)

Woohoo! 6.29 mi in 55:10 min

when I signed in on Saturday,
I was told that the gym rule is ...
no wearing bandanas!!


I was given no reasonable explanation
but asking around later
there are some connections between gangs and bandana-wearing.


Regulation "head gear" includes baseball caps (like they aren't gang magnets!)
and sweat bands,
so I have started wearing butt ugly, terry sweatbands...

butt ugly terry headband

today, I cut up a 21.5 inch square of some older Amy Butler fabric
finished the edges with two rounds of zigzag stitching 
and voila....

donning a 'scarf' with Amy Butler fabric

I have a designer sweat catching headband!!!

donning a 'scarf' with Amy Butler fabric

And if questioned..

I will tell them at the gym 
that I belong to Amy's gang!!! 
Our weapons are rotary cutters
and we are really mean with a sewing machine!!!

And just so you don't think that all I have been creating 
are bandanas  headscarves,

Last week, I revealed my latest quilt for
our blue challenge at 

Tangled Textiles, Challenge #9: blue

"Homage to a Clothing Staple or Yes, Neil, Forever in Blue Jeans"

You can see all 8 of the quilts here

Now if you don't mind
I am gonna go hang out with my homeys (Robert Kaufman, Amy Butler, Moda.....)!