Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Definition of CHALLENGED

: presented with difficulties

I am beginning to create!

I have been journaling and working hard to stay in a positive frame of mind...

trying to focus Thanks for
that is a challenge in itself!

When one idea for challenge #9 didn't go well as expected,

I tried something new...

It's a denim war zone (or just a big mess on my studio floor!)

I would love to add some embellishments but am not sure what to do next...
decisions like this can be a challenge!

Oh! I wish embellishing came easily to me!

 so I have ordered a couple of books to see if they might give me some ideas 
(just hope they arrive before the deadline! yikes!)

But then yesterday, another idea popped into my head
 and so between history lesson with Nature Boy and English lesson with Sugarbaby,
 I crouched on the floor of my studio and played...

playing with shaving cream and blue paint/ink

not sure what I will do with these!

And I have been to the gym 10 times... getting closer to the 21 days to create a new habit!

I have joined the challenge with my online friend Alex and others in running 500 miles this year!

I started today...

First day of the 500

more to come...