Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I am still blogging!

Thanks to those of you who commented on my return to blogging.

Taking it slow!

In order to bring more creativity into my life,
I have been reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron
(also taking it slow with my reading).

Early on, the author suggests making a vision board 
and so I cut up some magazines that I borrowed (albeit permanently)
from Mr. U's office
and came up with this...

My 2013 vision board

Already, some of my desires are beginning to appear....

My 2013 vision board

Today, I enrolled in a 6 week beginner's yoga class!!!

And on my previous post, I mentioned the statement that it
takes 21 days to create a new habit.  
Well, I am slightly more than one-third of the way there--
I have been to the gym 8 days and am building back up my endurance.

My goal is to run the 5 mile Shamrock Shuffle again this year!

Shamrock Shuffle!

And I have slowly been getting myself back to creating.

For the upcoming 'blue' challenge at Tangled Textiles,
I did some hand dyeing..

Ice blue!

but I was really disappointed in the results...

  dyed fabric

this does not say 'ice blue' to me!

This is...
ice on the gym window


So I am working on Plan B!

And finally...
two blog posts 
so far this week!!!

Not bad!!!!!