Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting back in the saddle...

I originally created this blog to record my creative journey and the life that revolves around that voyage.

But somehow, somewhere, sometime this past year, I fell off the wagon and among a myriad of casualties was my blog - sorely neglected (okay, completely forgotten). Not only that but I hit the proverbial wall and had a lot of difficulty creating anything!!!!

So... I am going to give it another go!

Other than blogging more often (hey one post is more than none!),
I have several goals....

In the 'art' department....

  • find an idea (soon!) and make a small quilt for Tangled Textiles, challenge: "blue"

  • My creations from the first round of Tangled Textiles challenges
    (this is a mosaic of my art from the first 8 challenges- 
    and no, I didn't count incorrectly! I made two pieces for the 'green' challenge)

  • finish enlarging my crumb blocks (from 6 1/2" to 9")- I've already enlarged 111 blocks, piecing them together and trying quilt-as-you-go technique
expanding my crumb along blocks

  • add a border to my black/white and polka dot Dresden plate quilt and finish it!

  • Dresden plate top pieced!

  • begin to generate some ideas and take photos for our fiber art group challenge: Georgia O'Keefe inspired art quilt in conjunction with an exhibition at our local art museum this summer...Ms. O'Keefe lived in this area for some time with her husband Alfred Stieglitz
  • art journal as often as I can!!!


Not too much, huh???

Now art isn't the only area I am working on.
During the summer, I got a little lazy and stopped exercising regularly.
And getting back in shape has been a challenge.
But Wednesday morning, I woke up at 3 AM (that's a whole other story... )
and I knew I had to get to the gym!!!

I read the other day that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit!

I am on day #4...

Back to the gym

I have plenty of other aspirations for this year but I will start with these!

Have a great week!!!